Friday, February 08, 2008

Riley begins to read

THIS IS A REPEAT POST...and is the one that made me decide Riley needed his own "forum"

Having mislaid items in my everyday life more than once....I am familiar with the knee jerk reaction of blaming someone else for the mislaid item. Perhaps a trusty housekeeper of many, many "never put anything away yet" years has decided she will tidy up. Or maybe a spouse has put the item in a place unbeknownst (what an unusual word unbeknownst.....)to yourself. Or perhaps you've put it in the garage(?)or in the car, or on the porch - why would you put something away in those crazy places? Well, maybe the phone rang or maybe you needed another cup of coffee, or....who knows! The silly thing is missing!

Arriving home from a weekend away, I found my spouse in just that predicament. He had been reading a perfectly enjoyable new theological book...entitled, perhaps appropriately, "Man's Search for something or other..." anyway, he had mislaid it and was in various stages of hunting for the lost treasure when I arrived home. My somewhat impatient partner, was so obsessed with his search that he even blamed the loss on our 15 month old Westie pup, Riley!

As an aside, Riley has been known to enjoy a "good read." Riley's reading often includes junk mail thrown beside a chair, the evening newspaper, a magazine now and then and his favorite, up until now, Dallas Willard's, "The Great Omission" - a study book for one of the Renovare groups in which I participate.....but nothing as heavy as my spouse's latest tome. Said spouse was so frustrated he called the book store and ordered another copy, with me teasing that now he definitely would find it where he had carefully put it himself - blaming the dog - really!

I thought little else of the search until I absent mindedly was snatching a few weeds out of the side yard flowerbed and suddenly noticed a freshly excavated spot that quite obviously held a large wrinkled, damp, and dirty why would my husband lay the book there?! I tapped on the study window and inquired if this was possibly the lost treasure - "I knew it!" was the reply from, no Riley!

photo by Sunrise Sister


  1. I love your dog, Riley! I have found you through Christine and Lucy and so glad I did. I have an almost two year old yellow lab named Sunny - and he is the Best Worst Dog or Worst Best Dog on the planet - and we love him so. His antics are a continual source of amusement - even when ultimately naughty. He outsmarts us all on an almost daily basis. Dogs ROCK!

  2. So glad to hear from you about Sunny. I'll speak to Riley, but I'm pretty sure he would love to have Sunny do a photo and small story for the site. We love "imaginative doggies" and their creative persons:)

    Thanks for your comment - see you at RFF.


  3. Note to Sunny - send Riley your photo and brief bio to