Thursday, February 14, 2008

Fully Engaged?

Speaking to me this a.m. during my Lenten reading* were these words -

“If a reader participates, his imagination actively engaged, the poem rises pulsing with the full richness of life. The small child with a limp balloon that will not inflate itself first becomes frustrated and then bored, believing that balloons will not play with him. But the child who invests the living breath of his body to see the balloon grow large against his face and then cries out with joy as he bounces the balloon lightly in the air, has discovered the delights – as well as risks – of deep involvement.”

*“Dimensions of Poetry – A Critical Anthology” – Miller and Slote

How true is this for me in all walks of my life. Exercise, diet, conversation, observation, writing, seeking friendship, nurturing relationship, seeking God – all dimensions of my life are richer and more life-giving when I actively engage in these activities.

The fullness of God’s blessings and plans for my life have only been scratched on the surface by my efforts. My prayer and plan is to fully engage in this day’s precious moments – as seemingly incidental or as unimportant as they may seem.

A plan, a resolve – maybe you should include engaging fully in your plans today also?

photo by Sunrise Sister


  1. i love the concept of being "fully engaged". it reminds me of the more current term "being present." (actually i think brother lawrence called it "practicing presence." anyway, i'm all for it.

    i must admit, however, that i rankled at the words "you should"...i find i am really not for anyone telling me what i "should" do these days. i am, after all, lucy with a propensity for already knowing everything myself. yea, right!! :-)

    engaging fully...great food for thought! xoxoxoxo

  2. Lucy - "brother lawrence" can't escape him. I remember the first time I read him - a number of years ago - I thought he was on the eccentric side. I think he makes more and more sense all the time. Does that mean I'm becoming more eccentric or he made more sense all along....hmm

    Oh, I agree about the "should's" - that word should:) be banned!