Thursday, February 14, 2008

Romantic Maui - Valentine's Day 2008

God provided the "set" for us today -

A beautiful, sun-filled day
A hike in a Maui forest along a rushing creek
Five waterfalls with clear pools for swimming
Foliage and beautiful rounded stones reflecting time and eternity
Some muddy paths from recent rainfall....

The true gifts from my true love spouse to save my fainting heart today were
- Kristin a knowledgeable sure-footed guide/naturalist to lead the way for us and hike friends
- a handful of almonds when lunch seemed distant
- a walking stick to balance on slippery surfaces
- and his NOT taking part in climbing slippery, steep rocky slopes to reach rope swings for plunges into the water! He took the others’ pictures, I was so grateful!
- and for dining this evening - a plate of delicious Maui goat cheese and crackers - accompanied by a "mean" well-shaken martini

Sometimes the best gifts are the least expected☺

Happy Valentines Day!

photo by Sunrise Sister

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