Friday, February 01, 2008

Has an old person moved into your body?

Visiting Christine Kane's site last night, I came upon a quote in one of her readers' comments. The quote was from - Wayne Dyer - "Never let an old person move into your body."

This quote echoed a story I heard this week at my husband's retirement party -

We have a woman in our church by the name of Dora. Dora is 95 years old, still drives herself around town, giggles, tells great stories, produces Raggedy Ann and Andy look-a- like toys and from time to time passes out warranted or maybe unwarranted advice. When my husband fell from a ladder in our garage several years ago, he was retrieved from the floor by our local EMS guys; he had a series of treatments for a very broken ankle - reconstruction of the ankle with lots of nice pins, a hard cast, a walking cast, a removable cast and lots of physical therapy. When he finally was allowed to walk with a cane, Dora had this advice for him - (mine BTW was for him to stay off of ladders in the future) - Dora's was, "Don't walk with a limp. You don't have to walk with a limp. It's all in your head!"

Similarly, my mother told me many years ago when I was pregnant with my first child - "Don't waddle. Pregnant women don't have to waddle!" (That stern remark kept me waddling "less" ....maybe:)

I digress, with these instances in mind, I go back to Christine's blog subject about a woman in one of her seminars who has developed a "brain trigger" for herself that she insists keeps her younger looking, feeling, and acting. You'll have to read the post yourself but I do have a tendency to go along with her theory, not because I want to look 25 but because I want to be the best I can be and do the best I can do to guard this temple that I was assigned to care for in this earthly life. I don't aspire to be photographed to "look" 15 lbs lighter, nor to have laugh lines removed from my smile (I might like a little jowl removed - only kidding!)

So what do you think - can we erase years from our bodies using our minds - and what trigger might you develop to strengthen some resolve that you would like to keep? You don't have to tell, but it is something to ponder....I think Deepak Chopra MD and Andrew Weil, MD, etc., etc. have been selling this idea for years - have you "bought it" before?


  1. Thanks for the quote. It gives me a useful visual.

    Yes, I agree. I think age is to some extent a mind set. I've found myself thinking old; and when I notice, I try to change. I also try to discover what I was getting out of feeling/acting old. What was the payoff?

  2. Go, Dora! What a model!

    Yup! I "bought it" from Chopra and Weil. I've read one of Weil's books and listened to Chopra's tapes. Attitude and perspective are powerful influences.

    Instead of subliminal triggers, I use physical challenges to help me keep the body working well. One challenge for this spring is a 170 mile bicycle ride in two days for an MS Society fundraiser. Another goal is to build the strength and stamina to develop enough skill to "drag a knee" while navigating a high power motorcycle around a technically challenging track. Yee-Haw!

    Caring for ourselves can effect positive differences in our bodies, minds, and souls. Caring for others can help them and us too. What a bonus!

    G Dude

  3. Dear Wren and Geezer - thanks so much for your comments. I love that you two have read and commented as of late.

    Geezer, couldn't agree with you more re the physical challenges. As I think you know, I keep a pretty religious YMCA schedule and surprised myself the other by quickly without even thinking about it, lifting myself on to the kitchen cabinet with my trusty triceps - I had a little high-five for myself:) Glad you love the bike challenges - be safe!:)