Monday, March 10, 2008

The color of dread

I keep a little notebook that is loaded with items I'm downloading from my mind during the day/days/days that go by. Who I should call, new blog I want to review, quote of the day that really hits me hard, photo or post that is just too good not to revisit. As well as information regarding others' blogs, I make notes to myself about what I'd like to write, what I have written, etc.

I've come upon a two line notation and - this is where blogging gets blurry sometimes - I can't remember if it is something out of my head or out of one of yours. With apologies in advance to you from whom I have pinched this, I'm going to note it for you to read. If you recognize it as "yours", please, please, please send me a comment. I happen to like it and hoping it came out of MY head, but if not, I'll be happy to give you the credit. Maybe I saw your collage, maybe I was thinking of a collage of my own? Now, after all of that ----

In the fanciful palette of your mind
is the color of dread - black or lime green

photo - Sunrise Sister, Maui


  1. Love the fact that you don't know where to give credit and hope the line came from your own head! I've been there, but not expressed it as cleverly.

  2. ....plagarism abounds no doubt - glad I'm not on the policing force for that. I can understand where politicians get caught up in the race and really do NOT remember where they read something.

  3. brilliant!
    i would have to say the color is black, because lime green is all the rage in it could not possibly be dreadful :-)
    and just in case you are wondering, everything will be compared to paris for some time to come!!!

  4. btw--i don't think you have to worry about running for office (politics, you know)...i think there may be way too many skeletons in that closet :-)


  5. Lucy, thanks for the "brilliant!" I needed that...

    and the politics/skeletons - ??? Really, it must be another SS that you know:)

  6. Skeletons eh? Now I'm intrigued...

    For me, the colour of dread is a lurid mustard yellow. Something you might sink into, fighting all the way.