Friday, March 21, 2008

Good Friday - a day of remembering

I had all but given up on finding an Episcopal church offering a Good Friday Vigil this year; even our local Roman Catholic churches were devoid of the offering. As is the way with God's gifts to us, one fell in my lap today - tiny Grace Church in Dayton was open for worship.

I share with you now a few thoughts prior to the service beginning -

As I sit silently in the hard little pew of Grace Church
Memories of Good Fridays past enter my mind

Thirty years ago during the 3 hour vigil
Sun-filled blue skies turned to dark ominous grey

Twenty years ago warm soft breezes ushered me inside
Exiting found sleeting ice had built up during the 3 hours

Today's vigil, in a new and unfamiliar setting will last only an hour
What will change on this God's Friday as I rest here in His presence

The weather or me

photo Sunrise Sister

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