Monday, March 17, 2008

When was the last time......

When was the LAST TIME, you did something for the FIRST TIME?
That's the caption - that's the message of this little personal collage.

Firsts don't all have to be so daring as taking a surfing lesson - although I highly recommend that idea - what's in your mind that you've wanted to do for a long time?
Why not talk yourself into it rather than out of it! Why not.....

-Write a blog entry you thought too daring for your readers
-Why not investigate a new blog writer that you've convinced yourself you don't have time for
-Invite a new acquaintance to lunch
-Invite a new acquaintance to dinner
-Take a singing lesson or two
-Find your local used bookstore that "everyone but you" seems to find interesting
-Pick out a totally strange, untested item on a restaurant menu
-Pick out a complicated new receipe and find out its not so complicated
-Walk someplace you've always driven to before
-Pump your own gas - no, everybody doesn't do that
-Send a get well card to an acquaintance
-Pray for your enemies
-Pray for peace
-Ask God to walk with you while you attempt to lose 5 lbs
-Enter a contest - any contest will do
-Write a letter to the editor
-Take a yoga class
-Visit your local YMCA for a list of workout classes
-Visit your local "something or another" that you've never visited
-Take your camera with you when you go out
-Take a sky dive - I know one of you readers of mine has done that before:)
-Eat oatmeal or poached eggs for breakfast
-View a sunset WHILE you're not on a vacation

Well, you get the picture. I'd love to hear about something you've done lately or are planning to do that you've never done before!

Collage by Sunrise Sister


  1. what a fabulous idea, and a great collage ~ i love that picture!)

    i'm going to have a think and put a list together!

  2. Pen - thanks so much! It is funny to think about the fact that we get into a routine and sort of decide for ourselves what we can or cannot do - often never leaving an option for the cannot do's.

  3. love the list and the challenge!!

    for me, i think i'd like to settle into a little normalcy (i.e. not so many "firsts" or surprises for awhile)...the other way to consider it is that every moment is a first (and last) for no other will be quite like it :-)

  4. p.s. LOVE the collage of super surfer!!!

  5. Hey Lucy, I think a little "normal" time would be a good goal for you for the next couple of weeks - before you take off on your next adventure!

    Had fun with the collage - re-learning the lessons learned in kindergarten re too much glue on paper will definitely have an effect, one way or another:)


  6. Anonymous12:46 PM

    this is a test!! Did you get it?

  7. Anonymous - Absolutely got it - next time leave your little "j" or "jg" right after the body's message and I'll know it came from you:)

  8. The two new things I did last week were feed bummer lambs and buy a cat from the local human society. It's a great suggestion: I'll try to do something new every day!

  9. Oops-- I mean humane society. The cat was trying to help me type.

  10. This is so fabulous - love the surf queen. And the slogan. I'm going to make my own list.

  11. Wren - you have lambs??? Glad to see that the cat came from the humane rather than human society....a first cat for you? Thanks for coming by!

    Tess - oh, yes the surf queen has been doing extra strength building and yoga since she returned from Maui hopefully to insure a stronger "surf presence" next February!

    Yoga in WW is a new first thing for me in the last couple of weeks. Stretching the body is equally as fulfilling as stretching the mind:)

  12. Sorry I have no access to your email...just wanted to let you know that I read your comment on my blog, and I've posted a response. Just wanted to make sure you understood the post was "humour". Sorry it made you uncomfortable but it is my opinion. And I stand by what I said. I took your point and we don't disagree -- from your comment and how I started my post. I'm not sure you understood where I was coming from, but that's okay too. I'm not defending myself...I'm just explaining.

  13. yea for yoga and learning new languages!!!

  14. Sherry - thanks so much for your follow up comment to me!

    Lucy - and you too, as always for your yea!:)


  15. I see I've had many guests in the last 24 hrs. Some of you reporting you "don't know how to leave a comment" - click on COMMENTS at the end of current post, comment box will pop up, leave comment, a word, whatever you'd like - leave your name, Jane Smith or Jane and then click on the "anonymous" box and send. You don't have to have a Google Account.....Anyway, thanks so much for coming by!!