Sunday, April 20, 2008

Blogging - so what?!

Often when I'm asked about my free time, I mention that one of the things I enjoy is the discipline of regularly blogging with a very active and inspirational bunch of other bloggers. Generally this is met with a rather blank stare - that often is interpeted by my inner self seeing....."huh?...what does that mean, are you a nut, or a political activist or do you just need to get a life?"

Yes, I think I overly analyze their stare - it's more like they have no idea what a blog is all about other than thinking that it's some sort of weird communication between political junkies, revolutionary nuts, and/or teenage kids looking for sexy conversation. Really, why should anyone have an interest other than the fact it is one of the biggest communication networks of this age?:)

Last week, when I was clicking through some of my regular reading spots I came upon an interesting post at Christine Kane's Blog It was basically about the reasons and joys of writing everyday. Since many of us do engage in that activity, I offer you these thoughts - you might click over and take a quick look.....

I left the following comment for Christine regarding her point #7 -
#Sunrise Sister
April 17th, 2008 11:02 pm

Number 7 - I like hearing what I have to say. I told a small group with whom I meet regularly that I felt my blog was really a gift of creativity from God. It has opened up me and has brought to the surface long held feelings of “want to” creativity - turned into - the writing aspect, and the paint to canvas recall that I’ve been so many years without. I love to receive responses to my posts but somedays there aren’t any…..I can see visitors numbers but no response. And, I’m beginning to think that’s o.k. because when I do receive a response it’s usually something very special that I truly treasure.

Thanks for the list. Prodding, reassuring words - as always a renewed sense of can-do when I visit your site.

And Christine was kind enough to leave the following comment back to me -

Christine Kane
April 18th, 2008 6:07 pm
sunrise sister - thanks for your great perspective on blogging. people often forget about that creativity/recovery part about having a blog. in fact, most of the marketing types dismiss it as useless. their loss!

So my readers and blog friends, my comments are to all of you as well, who write everyday, often bringing clarity into your own lives and just as often bringing spiritual inspiration and renewal into the lives of others. Thank you!

Collage - Sunrise Sister


  1. from one blogger to another...well said! i see the same things on those faces and was totally bothered when a well-meaning friend said she thought she and her husband would join "the fad" so they could post their new baby pictures. now don't get me wrong, i am all for posting baby pictures and whatever else brings people joy when they post. however, i could not recognize the "spiritual inspiration and renewal" that has indeed come to my life via blogging as a mere "fad."

    i, too, am so grateful for this community and seem to remember a certain now retired minister who several months ago said, "blog? why in the world would someone do that????" hmmmmmm...

    thanks for posting!!1

  2. Thank YOU for the reading:) Yes, there seems to be blogging of every kind for every one. I'm happy to have settled into such a lovely group of posters and commenters.


  3. Baby pictures might reflect my spiritual side better than, say, political diatribe, but blogging certainly is an individual expression of who people are. After the aforementioned retired minister scoffed at me for blogging, I was surprised to see him try it too. :) But pleased as well. It's a good medium for trying new things and for developing friendships with people of like interests.

  4. well thank you for this post! I was totally resistant to the whole thing for quite a while dismissing it as 'sad' and 'self orientated'.That is until I started for myself and then I realised how liberating, reflective and wholesome it could be. a little oasis in the world!

  5. Ceri - thanks for the comment - and welcome. Hope to see you again here at Mind Sieve.