Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Mutants continued.....

In yesterday's post discussing mutants - I drifted off into life's changes and opportunities for growth - maintaining the idea that we are all "sort of mutants" in our personalities and physical bodies.

Continuing in that vein, the subject facing me squarely in the eye these days is that of aging.

AGING - From the American Heritage Dictionary 1. To grow older or more mature. 2. To bring or come to a desired ripeness.

Mutant in my mind, as it relates to aging, is that obviously we cannot stay the smooth-skinned, unlined infant, or young girl. We cannot even stay the slightly, "faint-wrinkles beginning to show" young woman in our thirties. The forties, oh were we paying attention then to how beautiful we were(?) and the fifties......well, you get the drift.

I have begun, with interest, to observe aging in a new light - noticing women around me in their 80's and 90's whom I consider very, very beautiful. They are not smooth skinned nor perfectly shaped (whatever that is) nor do they yearn for those features out of all proportion as what they know to be possible. They relax in their skin, they laugh in their love, bask in the adoration of spouse and family, and rejoice in their minds being quick and as marvelous as ever!

They have "mutated" (or perhaps transformed might be a better word) from smooth-skinned , precious women into mature, sophisticated, intelligent, worthwhile human beings to be admired and honored by all.

What a unique opportunity it is for those of us entering into our last quarter-century (wishful thinking) to engage in self-appreciation, self-preservation, dignity and love of life, while bequeathing those same attributes to those we love and know.

As a last thought, the little rosebush in the photo was on its way "out" when I decided to capture just one moment of it on film. I rather think that the mature, wrinkled, and yellow around the edges blossom may hold beauty in its aging and perhaps even more interest in its very ripe maturity:)

photo - Sunrise Sister


  1. As someone who is also passing into a fuller ripeness, ahem, I appreciated your observations of older women. Now, I wish I had some examples who still color their hair, because I'm not yet ready to age that naturally.

  2. Ooohh, I wouldn't give up a step of maintenance that I do (hair color, exercise, etc.) - admiring women settling into their skin and all the things I mentioned doesn't give them a "pass code" from me to let themselves go:)

  3. As someone who is turning 40 this year - I really appreciated your post today.

    I should just enjoy today versus wondering what I will look like/be like when I am 45!

  4. Sarah - couldn't have said it better myself.

    Forties were glorious years for me - for one thing I met the man of my dreams in that decade:)


  5. I'm glad you ended up by using the word transformed instead of mutated. I was beginning to think I was stuck in a sci-fi entry!
    On Wren's comment, I have over the last few years let my hair begin its own transformation to its natural silver. And I love it, but then if I say so myself, the colour is good on my skin and the hair texture is smooth and thick.
    For me, having silver/grey hair is a way of acknowledging age while keeping something unusual about it - all the advice is cut your hair short as you get older, but I'm growing mine. I have the great singer Emmylou Harris as my inspiration - Google for images of her and you'll see how long silver hair can look fantastic. If I get really daring, I might eventually have long silver dreadlocks!

  6. Hi Tess - Mutating Mamas! I don't know, I thought it was sort of catchy:)

    Silver/grey is sooooo good on so many women and I love that look. When it's not a great color though and drags down their facial features it seems a shame not to give it a boost. Same with length - I love the look of long hair (although I'm not really thrilled with dreadlocks:) my hair has always just let me try that long thing one more time, many times, but I retreat to a more medium length and it keeps me satisfied that I'm doing the best I can with what I've got.

    Natural anything is nice except when persons equate natural with unkempt and you know, that's for them. I'm just into a little more assistance to our lookin' good when possible. All those years with a major cosmetics firm were not wasted on me:)

    Thanks, as always, for coming by.


  7. i am laughing at where our minds wander skin was definitely more taut and "beautiful" at 40, but i kind of like the inner/outer glow i feel now that i've hit my 50's...and as for the hair...i will rage against dull drab gray any day! (not all of us can be tess' or emmylou :-)

    (haven't seem emmylou first hand, but tess has a luscious mane)

  8. I look so forward to meeting Tess!