Tuesday, May 20, 2008

So, yeah for me:)....when was the last time?

Some of you may remember a post that I wrote in March. The post asked your reflection upon "when was the last time you did something for the first time?" Along with the reflection question, there was a list of possible first time things one might consider. I've been ticking off a few of those lately and a couple of weeks ago I took my heart, entry form AND collage in hand and sent it off by electronic entry into our local Carnegie Art Center Juried Art Show.

Guess what - it has been accepted! And that's my big "ta-dah!" Yep, I'm very happy about it and keep trying to keep the negative talk to a minimum.....negative? you say..... your art piece has just been selected!! Well, maybe there was a mistake; maybe there were not enough really good artists - well, there were 160 pieces entered and only 58 accepted. They should have chosen the "other" one I submitted instead of this one. Someone is going to think I bribed the juror - I've never heard of him, he doesn't live here, he was a juror for heavens' sake!

Oh, I am beating all of that stuff down in my brain but now I'm sort of paralyzed to do the next piece - large or small. I know, I know, I'm working on it and yes, once again, I'm very happy about it:)

Collage - "Tune" - by Sunrise Sister


  1. Cool! Your are has been select by the jury to be on display on its merit. You didn't have to bribe the judge.

    Remember, your art from 35 years ago hangs in places of honor in a land far, far away. It also was selected to hang in those places of honor. Keep on creating.

    I'm still waiting for that special piece of jewelry crafted by hand, if that is a creative outlet that still yearns for realization.


  2. Hmm. Maybe "Your art" rather than "Your are" would make more sense.


  3. Now you know how I feel when I play my cello and am actually invited back to play again! Whoa!! Cool! :-)

  4. Dear Geezer, Tess - thank you so much for your kind words. Your endorsement feels special!

    and MS - having one's art, whatever, that may be, validated by strangers is a great thing!


  5. Congratulations! Is the show still on? I'll go visit it in person.

  6. having now seen the piece in person, i can see that it was well chosen and not a mistake :-)


    p.s. i'm with geezer dude on the jewelry :-)


  7. Wren - the show opens with an official reception on Friday evening, 6/6 - 5:00-7:00. You can view it any day Tuesday-Sat 11:00-4:30 beginning June 3.