Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Accept the good

A few weeks ago watching a movie entitled, "Things We Lost in the Fire", I heard one of the characters use the little statement - "accept the good".

I liked the sound of it right away; it was simple, to the point, it was thanksgiving. The words have echoed repeatedly in my mind and frankly, I planned to fashion a nice little post around those three words.

I've contemplated (surprise, surprise) the words and now find none other to brighten the little light bulb sentence - it wins the "aha" prize from me with no further explanation.

So, that's my offering for today - "accept the good."

Photo SS & CP - "accepting the good" in Maui


  1. i totally agree that your little light bulb sentence needs no further embellishment except maybe the wonderful picture here :-)

    nice to see you back here!


  2. It's a bit like getting a compliment isn't it? There's a bit of an urge to say "oh no, this old thing?" (Or is that just British...)

  3. Lucy and Tess, thanks for the comments.

    Re the compliment, NOT just British.


  4. "Accept the good" does stand alone quite well, and reminds me not to say, either out loud or in my head, "well, yes, but...."

  5. "accept the good" - well ! reminds me of one of the Voltaire's story called Candide, teacher of Candide, Pangloss teaches him, "Its impossible for the things not to be where they are, because everything is for Good"
    Good post :)

  6. Ah yes, Candide - nice connection. Thanks for the comment.