Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Life is a wonderful collage these days

Traveling, planning and arranging the "next" trips, reading, working in the yard, walking, jaunts to the gym, yoga, blogging, movie watching, volunteering, entertaining, dinner with friends, dinner with just the two of us, loving the beautiful July and August weather in the 80's, cooking outdoors, fresh fish and chicken, corn, peaches, blueberries, watermelon - the lazy days of summer in this early retirement life are wonderful blessings that I immensely treasure.

An additional treasure I've finally found for myself after imagining it for so many years is the drawing, painting, cutting, glueing - the art of collage. So comparable to early retirement in the fact that as I begin a new piece, although I've thought it over in my mind for a while, I never quite know what will truly materialize. The beauty in both daily living and daily collaging seems to be relaxing into them while learning to lean into the challenge and enjoy whatever my hands and heart and mind come together to create or to weather.

Yes, life and art are comparable collages. All of our lives, so busy, so full......I'm trying to savor each day filled with the joy of living! May you do the same.

collage - SS - Apple Joy


  1. These paintings deserve something better than a frame maker with a K-Mart miter box and a staple gun. It's time for a move up!

  2. CP - you under estimate my framer's talents! The miter box needs to work with us a while longer. The framer's skills are improving mightily and the artist just hopes to keep with the skills' competition:)


  3. You've expressed very well what I've experienced since our "retirement" to Bellville. Each day is different, but each (for the most part) is a delightful mix of blessings, challenges and joys for which I remain truly grateful. Indeed, the collage image describes what happens when I start piecing a quilt or working on a duet with my pianist friend. In either case the product is seldom exactly what I had planned, but usually better. How amazing is that!

    The collage pictured at the top of this blog is quite beautiful, as are the framer's efforts. If I were you, I think I'd hang onto that miter box and the guy operating it! :-)

  4. Hi MS - thanks for your comment....and yeah, I think I'll let the framer keep doing his great job!

  5. SS--what a lovely post. i found myself totally relaxing into it and then i noticed how much our days (yours and mine) are mirroring each other--even down to movies we are watching (i just saw the michelle pfeiffer one). surprised? it is a wonderful summer rhythm that will change for me in a few weeks as i am not quite retired, but one that i hope lingers even into the fall. oh wait, that is setting an expectation, huh?

    to be open to where the collage will go--whether it be life or one as wonderful as the piece shown here is such a wonderful gift to yourself and those you love. (btw--i would like to own this one :-)

    MS--it is wonderful to see that you are finding a similar rhythm for yourself. piecing and playing piano--priceless!