Thursday, August 14, 2008

Well, some days we just make it harder on ourselves...

First of all a disclaimer, I know even as I write this that it is so filled with NOTHING to complain about in comparison to what goes on in the rest of the world and even in the lives of many of my friends and family, compared to losing one's health, one's partner, one's occupation, etc.......keep reading - it's nothing but poor me:(

As I was writing yesterday's pollyanna expose of life and art:), my mind did flick back to day before yesterday. The day was as beautiful as the many I've experienced this summer, with the sun and breeze present, the flowers beautiful, etc. but the whole day seemed to surround me with Mother Nature saying - "Forget it, you're old!" and me thinking, "Wait a minute, where did this come from?!"

Early a.m. at yoga - why was my body unwilling to BEND? Well, yes, it was bending but not to my expected approval rating, and why was I SO tired when the lesson was over?

Mid-morning at the hairdresser - (now that's a burden isn't it? Grump!) - just a little cut and shape, not too much, etc. What were we thinking - I don't think I like this "do" at all! .....believe me, I have a wonderful hairdresser and this feeling will be over in 24 hours, but why do I have it now? Maybe the reflection in the mirror was not as perky and "young" as I wanted the haircut to render?

Mid-afternoon - well, these pants MUST have shrunk - I mean is it possible that 5 ugly pounds I lost this past month have now FOUND ME again?!

Late-afternoon - forget it, I'm not going to afternoon stability ball class. I'm a mess and tired and irritable - so there!

Dinner prep - oh, my goodness - why did I think stringing those pieces of zucchini and mushrooms on skewers would make them taste any better than they should - no real time for marinade or spicing. Yuk! At least the chicken was good enough to warrant left overs for sandwiches the next day!

Evening - my husband's reply as I moaned through the litany of the day....."You didn't have a very good day today, did you?" He is very diplomatic at times - he wouldn't have dared try to talk me out of all the moaning and groaning I had conjured up!

So where in the world do those days come from? Why do we sometimes feel downright possessed? Well, it happens but I do my best to not let these absolutely non-important declarations cross my lips other than very occasionally. As I complete this writing, I must remember Lucy's fabulous post this week to ALL of us powerful women:)!

Thanks for listening!!


  1. As for yoga, bending and youthful flexibility, and as I recall, you went to a Japanese dinner last night with three other "elderly" persons. Sitting for several hours cross legged in a beautiful little tea house, you were the only one who did not have to ask for help getting up. You just unwound and walked away. So my pastoral advice? Get over it!

  2. SS--so glad you have such a caring pastor near by :-) oh, yes we all have those days don't we? i must admit it was a bit of a shock to my senses to read it right after the lovely one of yesterday. however, i often find that soon after i experience those wonderful fabulous everything is wonderful moments that those pesky little thoughts of aches, aging, etc. try to sneak in to see if they can grab on. i think rather than suggesting you "get over it" as the thoughtful CP said, that perhaps you might like to thank those thoughts for their input and tell them you have decided not to listen to them they can scram and let you go back to gratitude and joy.

    my motto is that as long as you are young, i am really young :-)

  3. Wonderful comments and love the motto!!


  4. I have at least one day a week like the one you described in your post! I am always thankful that a day does not last forever no matter how bad it is....

  5. Hi S - yes, getting through THE day is sometimes all we can seem to do. Those of us with lesser rather than more of these tough days are blessed. Glad to hear from you. Hope you read my "bboy" post as I really enjoyed the book and I believe sis, K is going to read it as well.


  6. Oh dear yes, those days come along and grab us all from time to time! It helps to have a good grouch. My sympathies.