Friday, September 05, 2008

Heart to Heart

After posting yesterday about "heart issues" in our household, I then proceeded to catch up with some of my favorite bloggers - friends that I'd missed in the turbulent sequence of life events in the last 10 days. In visiting Tess, I found the lovely little award that I now boldly post on my site and on Riley's - the "I Love Your Blog" award. In receiving the award from Tess, my pleasure is to follow these rules:

1. I can post it on my blogsite - done!
2. I can link it to the person who sent it to me - done!
3. I can nominate 7 others - my six favorites will have to do today!
Tess, Lucy, County Parson, Wren, CVP, CK
4. I can put my favorite bloggers' links on my site - done!
5. I can leave messages on the bloggers I've nominated for the award - done!

So, even though I have a habit of keeping up with my very favorites, I do have many "honorable mentions" who shall remain nameless right now, and I vow to become a little more diligent in seeking a few new found blogger sites.

Warmest regards to my all time favorites!! I hope they'll expand my reading list by posting their favorite sites.....

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  1. Thank you! I'm glad I found you and your blog.