Tuesday, October 21, 2008

She went to Camp!

I've just found out through the doggie grapevine that beautiful Zega, pictured here, was allowed to attend Camp Cross this year 'n I was told "no dogs allowed!"

Now don' get me wrong.... I certainly don't deny my newfound acquaintance the joy of bein' loved by every woman who attended Women's Weekend last August. I just find it surprisin' that my person didn't even mention this beautiful dog to me!

Anyway, apparently she was quite a hit with the ladies, attended all of the sessions, the launch ride around the lake and she even sneaked in for mealtimes. Wow, now that's what I call a LUCKY DOG!

(I think I'll start plannin' my trip to CC right now:)

Yours truly,


Iphoto - Sunrise Sister


  1. dear riley--zega is indeed a lucky and beautiful dog! (yes, i did get to meet her.) i'm not sure if your person told you, but zega had a little shy side to her which kept her very close to her person (and a few lucky others she decided to trust).

    somehow, i wonder if you would be willing to remain quite as sedate and calm with all of the excitement at camp cross. who knows? it never hurts to plan,huh?

    ruff ruff to you!

  2. Oh, Auntie Lu - you underestimate my focusing ability. I mean, when I want to, and sometimes I do want to do something, I can be a real bird dog. More about that tomorrow:)