Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Hard to throw away.....

It's feeling like Fall to me and that generally sends me into closets and drawers to inspect what items I can truly live without as well as those which I know "should" go but which I find just too hard to throw away - yet!

Sadly, during this purging, I often pause for a moment in order to reflect upon those things which I trashed and regretted parting with, later on. Maybe you would like to do a little mental housekeeping of your spaces.....what's gone, what should be, what do you regret not possessing any longer? What is just too hard to throw away?

My lists - Going; Should be going - not yet; Gone and regretting -

GOING - very clean, seldom worn undergarments - bought thinking they fit, looked great, didn't, didn't! My recognition, that there are people in this world who have none of what we consider essentials, has overcome my embarrassment at donating such items rather than yielding to my sense of guilt about pitching them in the trash. The same issue with fashion items such as scarves, belts, handbags.

Souvenir tee shirts nearly brand new - what makes us buy those in the first place? What looks good on a vacation beach seldom looks that great when worn at home to the grocery store.

Shoes - unscuffed soles - did I really think the size would stretch just because I liked the color or style? .....never having felt even a teensy bit better - maybe I should lose weight in my feet! (Think that could be a new diet trend?)

SHOULD BE GOING - NOT YET - the last size down from the one I'm wearing now, I just know I'll fit in that again soon....5 years - is that a reasonable waiting period? A honeymoon outfit - was I EVER that small? - I'm keeping that one, don't ask why!! A wedding gift trivet in the shape of a butterfly - I think I'm going to part with this one as I just keep moving it from one space to another, storing it, never planning to use it. A thrift shop buyer would love stumbling on that treasure!

GONE AND REGRETTING - Although I've seldom really anguished over a piece of clothing being rejected, I do regret parting with items that belonged to my kids - all adults now, of course.

My oldest daughter's most favorite baby doll, I mean the head was almost severed from the body - I did NOT know she wanted that kept forever. That is one regret accompanied by lots of tears! A large pair of Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls - I can still see the look on those doll faces and the lump in my throat when I tossed them at the dump - I don't know WHY I thought I had to pitch those two!

My son's "binky" - did he ever have an attachment to one particular item? I still have a baby sweater of his.

Our next oldest daughter - after she had been asked to clean her room of items staying or going - I pitched a favorite "binky" blanket and pair of painted on, yes, covered with splotches, sneakers. I was mistaken in the stay/go pile - oh, I heard about that! Argh! And felt really crummy about it also!

Our youngest - well, you know, I can't remember an exact item although I bet if she reads this she could name it! We still do have a bedspread comforter that goes on picnics with us occasionally, although I don't believe she would think it a great loss if she never saw it again.

My heart aches quite a bit over some of the items that went out the door in the Salvation Army truck after my Mother died. I recently saw a set of salt and pepper shakers that were replicas of one of those sets and I nearly paid an exorbitant price to reconnect with that memory - and I guess that's what this post is all about. The memories of an item, its time, its place, the history connected to the item is what makes it so hard to let go. The value is not in the cost but in the place that those items fill in heart and memory, just too hard to throw away.

So, do you have those short or long lists in actuality or just in your head? Do you have clean, tidy drawers and closets? Well, whether yeah or nay, I wish you some good results on items just too hard to throw away and few regrets on mistakenly discarded ones.....remembering many of us make silly errors in the name of speed, efficiency, and stiff upper lips. Happy closet reminiscing.


  1. dare you push me into the closets of my mind!??!?!? i currently have a very large sack full of things i am waiting to see if i miss...they say that most women wear 20% of their clothes 80+% of the time or something like that. i could definitely stand to pare down some more.

    i will ponder this one for awhile and may be back to respond again.

    i am still reveling in the "found" tea cups from the back of my mother's cupboards. i had no idea she collected them and now they hold a place of honor in my home...maybe my children will feel the same about some of my stashed goodies :-)

  2. This is your youngest daughter... I want my record collection back.. xxoo

    (by the way, I do have one skirt from highschool in my closet right now..and it is in fashion now and still fits!)

  3. Yikes! Did I throw a record collection away? Maybe I thought we were coming into the digital age??? Yeh, right, those records were born in the dark ages - whoops, you're not THAT old. I mean really, did I honestly throw away a record collection?


    and the skirt.....remember we thought you were a little too thin then -:) I'm sure you look adorable in it. I've just watched the first season of "Sex and the City" discs - oh my goodness, those women did a number on people weighing more than 110 lbs!!!