Tuesday, November 25, 2008

He is NOT a lapdog

That silly Andy - he's not been on a lap since he was 6 months old - at least that's what I'm told. Now, all of a sudden for some reason he's decided he should try lap sittin'. You can see from the expression on his face that once he got up there he was a lil' uncertain how he was goin' to get down!.....or, prob'ly he was just sayin' "I told you I could do it!" to me. I did chuckle under my breath. Oh, well, boys will be boys and oh, by the way - the bird's back - Flicker by name:)


Photo - SS


  1. i think andy may be sticking close to the lap, because his instincts may be saying that the bags are being packed again. do you know what "happy thanksgiving" means this year, riley? i think you may want to practice your howling tonight :-)...just a thought.

    hugs or do you prefer pets or scratches? auntie lu

  2. Auntie Lu - you mean I'm not comin' in the car with them? I've been dietin' all week!!!

  3. Auntie Lu - You know that msg was from ME, ME, ME! I don'like this sharin' business on the site. I may have to go back to my own place.....grrrrr


  4. Knowing how sweet our Beighley is and how she LOVES attention, we sincerely hope that she doesn't decide to become a lap dog ... she weighs over 60 pounds! Uhnngh!

  5. I think bro' Andy weighs about 55 and is probly not goin' to make a habit of climbin' on to chairs. He didn't really seem to love it! Tx for stoppin' by!