Saturday, November 22, 2008

I Met Lola:)

YEP, I met Lola last week at the Dog Park. Wow, she's a dish.....but a lil' "fast" for me. I mean fast, not "fast." She runs like a race horse 'n is off with ever' new guy that comes along. I mean I didn't mind the quick sniff 'n sweet kiss upon our intro but I noticed pretty quickly that she gave ever' single dog that quick sniff 'n sweet kiss. She's awful cute, but I dunno. This picture my person took was really the only time Lola sat still enough for a photo!

But, I really did like the dog park. Andy was so-so, could take it or leave it 'n didn't seem too unhappy when we actually did leave it! He's so shy but sort of sucked it up 'n was very brave. He met a lot 'a new friends but mostly he liked staying close to our persons while I ran and ran and ran. Andy and I really slept very well that night - we were pooped!

I do plan to see Lola again. As I said, she's some cute number but very young, I mean unlike me she's not even 2 years old yet - still a puppy.

I've been trying to keep my mind off of her but it can be so borin' around this house, inside anyway. While my persons were out today, I opened up my person's Bose Headphones - thought I'd listen to a lil' music but I couldn't get those darned things on my head. Then I decided to read somethin' but they hardly leave anything around to read Oprah mag, or an occasional Christian Century. I mean reading the phonebook again 'n again - as far as literary worth, phonebooks seem a lil' dry and tasteless to me. Besides that I don't get much past the A's or B's when they come home and put the book back in the same place I fetched it from. I guess they think I want to move on to the C's or somethin'.

Gotta run - oh, btw, the most exciting thing in the backyard these days, besides the Flicker - we have some crunchy little grey mice around. Crunchy? Well, I sorta swallowed one sometime this week, anyway that's what my he person told her! My tummy was a lil' upset but wow I'd never eaten a mouse before! New taste - yum!

As always,


P.S. Please keep my friend, Tune, in your prayers. She's havin' a lil' surgery next week and we want that to be all it is - just a lil' surgery.


  1. whew, riley! for someone without much going on you sure have been busy! so, if you ever figure out the bose headphones, you might want to listen to "lola" by the kinks...although it's kind of a confusing song...well, maybe never mind.

    keep up the good reading. have you heard about that new white house puppy yet or has your person been screening your e-mail, too?

    glad to hear andy went to the dog park with you although it doesn't really seem like his kind of place. he is a really good sport, you know? i hope you know that!

    hugs, auntie lu

  2. Auntie Lu - thanks for your note. Yep, well even without tryin' too hard, I manage to keep busy:)

    A Westie in the White House? I knew there was a reason I voted for Barack - first name basis.....I mean if they're going to get a Westie, we should be on first name basis.

    And Andy, he's a good sport all right, but maybe getting a little territorial - well, I'll write more about that later.