Saturday, December 20, 2008

Holiday travel and thanksgivings

In a crowded airport waiting area, I observe families plugged into Ipods, computer games, noise-cancellers and music oblivious to those around them; residing in their own space – e-mail, “necessary” cellphone calls. Watching one small boy, I am charmed by his rapt attention to a gameboy....he stops, digressing briefly to absentmindedly pick, examine, and eat that little booger tickling his nose. I find myself a little less charmed.

Parents with kids who are NOT plugged in explaining “soon we’ll be on the plane” and “remember what mommy promised?” I, wondering what the bribe is and if its charm will last for another 7 hours?

Young dads launch toddlers twirling and giggling into the air – toddlers loving it to the point of over-stimulation guaranteeing an exhausting, non-sleeping flight for child, parents and seat mates alike. (They probably won’t know the benefits of Benadryl or Dramamine until they are grandparents☺)

Relieving restlessness prior to boarding, waiting passengers scurry off to shops to add yet more items to backpacks, handbags, rollaboards, ….. purchasing neck pillows, books, magazines, gum, water, chips, Starbucks, Tully’s, burger and fries - items to be jammed into already bursting carryons.

Sitting in a jam-packed airport, anticipating an overbooked flight full of grumpy passengers, crying children, and a spouse who finds me impatient while he has perhaps forgotten what it means to travel on holidays, I count myself among the blessed to be hour by hour closer to beloved children and grandchildren and know what? I give thanks!


  1. just wondering what purchases you might have added to your carryon...and did you remember to take your benadryl? or better yet, did the curmudgeon?

    safe travels!!! xoxoxoxo

  2. Oh, we set up the curmudgeon right away on these flights - those little muscle relaxers work so nicely for him!

    Purchases, ha, I was just moaning and groaning about not having the right carry-on bag. Everytime I think I have a decent one, it fails me. I couldn't have possibly purchased anything else to put in the bag!

  3. You can have Henry on the next overseas flight!!!!!!!!