Monday, December 15, 2008

I see differently now

I see differently now......

the blessed, stretching, reaching movements
focused and attentive my mind's eye witnesses -
witnesses the onstage, bleak, yet blatant performance of nature
God's presence in that theatre

Trees raise their branches to heaven
praise, affirmation, thanksgiving
leaves fallen to earth
succumbing into confession and surrender

Dark cold branches, sometimes icy and broken
searching through the greyness for their creator
colorless, seemingly lost and alone
memory strains to preserve the precious palette

Detritus warms the earth
spring awakening and rebirth will come all too soon
the continuing drama of life,
haunted death into glorious resurrection

I see differently now......

Photo - drive from Dayton - SS


  1. me too (i see differently now) glad to be on this road with you! xoxoox

  2. Lovely meditation. There's a lot of illumination in the darkness of winter.

  3. Thank you Lucy and Tess - the road alternates from dark to light, doesn't it? This Advent I seem to be experiencing more from the illumination of darkness than I've done before.