Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Advent - magic or what?

In a beautiful Advent post over at Anchors and Masts, I replied with a short comment about waiting. Rereading that comment yesterday, whilst trying to figure out where the missing author of the post is secluded, I decided I would like to share and expand my Advent thoughts here.

In preparation for the Season I selected what looked like a perfect Advent book of readings, set aside time for prayer, incorporating the book and its scripture readings into my morning worship, and then began "the wait." This first few days went by and I found myself feeling a little silly expecting “something grand and magical” to waft over me just because I'd set the stage! (Maybe I needed more props - probably a candle, I should be lighting a candle!)

Amused by myself and what my prayer receiver must be thinking about my dramatic stage set and expectation of immediate gratification - i.e., results - I realize I'm maybe not so far off track as my selfish need for the "now" might indicate.

Advent - it's the waiting season, duh! what's happening, or not, is a clear picture for me of Advent's reality. The uncertainty, the waiting, the expectation ARE the Advent story - perhaps directly related with other results oriented patterns that come into our lives. How do we handle those other patterns? Waiting for happiness, in the void acting as though we are happy and whoops, we sometimes are! Christian behavior....try acting like a Christian often enough and magic, is it(?) we become Christian. Waiting for Jesus, act as though we are, we are. Becoming aware of the waiting may produce a swifter more miraculous find than we expect - Jesus is already with us, observing the coming, reminding us of the joy that his birth has brought to our lives.

Advent - it's all about the waiting....sometimes long, sometimes boring, sometimes nothingness - but if the “awaited” is all about the birth of Christ then the long, the boring, the nothingness will be worth the wait and in the meantime, he may be found sooner rather than later! Magic or what?

How's your waiting these days?

Photo - Courtesy Religious Mall


  1. Like it! I'm with you on the dramatic stage set.

  2. tess really kicked us into a contemplative mode, did she not? i had to smile when i came over to read your post as mine for today is not so dissimilar...imagine that :-) i love this...

    "Becoming aware of the waiting may produce a swifter more miraculous find than we expect..."

    and, yes, you SHOULD light a candle!!! xoxoxoxo