Wednesday, December 03, 2008

She promised!

Hi ever'body,

My person is going away for a few days and I've pulled out the guilt card, I mean she was just away last, with this latest trip comin' up, I've begged her to let me go back to my site. You can see in the picture that she is totally stumped on her site so I deserve to be writin' in the time that's she's obviously wastin'.

She promises, promised, is promising that I'll be back on my own site next week. See you there!!!!!!!


Photo - Courtesy CP


  1. sounds like a good bribe to me, riley :-) look forward to seeing you back at your own place!

  2. our sweet dogs name is Riley. too... although he is not computer savvy at all, thankfully... i think he would totally make me feel guilty for the few walks he gets, the nonbasted dog treats, the fact that he could use a new bed...etc. ;-)

    thanks so much for visiting my site and leaving a little guy is feeling much better today, but still hanging out right next to me... i am loving this closeness, as long as he is feeling better.
    take care.