Tuesday, December 02, 2008

So many turkeys

Last Thursday the basted, stuffed and roasted turkeys of the world were honored guests all over the United States. (I'm meaning the birds we gathered to eat - not the eaters of the birds.) Families, friends, strangers, gathered in dining rooms, shelter kitchens, church halls - fancy tables, fold up banquets and card tables all groaned under the feast prepared by cooks of every kind and color.

At the gathering I was fortunate enough to attend, I marveled at the love shared, the angst that might have been present but well hidden, the pasts to be remembered fondly, the pasts to be regretted - though unspoken, the futures to be cherished. We were a group of 12 from teen years to almost the 80's and for whatever reasons we felt it was a good thing to gather. We shared stories, memories, aspirations, compliments, laughing and delicious food. Many of us knew a lot of the history around the table, some of us knew little of the history represented there. But from wherever we came or knew about each other, we found ourselves suspended in the "turkey time" of good will and thanksgivings.

I like to think Thanksgiving might be one holiday where families and friends gather with ease rather than anxiety. I have not always felt that way. It took me many years to shed the anxiety part and to be comfortable with everyone pitching in with whatever contribution they wanted to make and to not feel slighted or worried if something was missing from the menu or the place settings! To accept everyone's input as special, to accept everyone's side-dish as delicious, to accept everyone's presence as the very reason we were gathered to share and give thanks.

I hope your Thanksgiving was one of warm bread, smooth mashed sweet potatoes and sincere thanksgivings for all of those at your table or in your heart.

Photo - SS Before the Feast


  1. What a beautiful table. I love the little turkey item on the table. I can't quite see what it is - decanter?
    I love what you say about the wonderful gathering you shared, and thank you in turn for sharing it with us.

  2. What a lovely setting for a wonderful gathering!

    I would guess that a bunch of great tales of times, good and not so good, were shared on a deck right outside those French doors.

    I have enjoyed several pleasant conversations around that table and on the deck.

  3. Tess, the "little turkey" was holding cranberry jelly but alas it was it's last assignment. Sometime during the day, the glass turkey bit the dust and now resides in memory only:(

    Yes, Geezer, there were many great tales, some heard before, some brand new. A memorable day.


  4. SS-- i love this post and the picture is stunning (if i do say so myself!) i am glad that the turkey was captured for posterity sake :-)