Saturday, January 03, 2009

January Art Journaling

January Art Journaling - what a great challenge found over at Misty Mawn's creative site.

I've had a couple of days to catch up with the challenge as -

#1. I'm renovating/finishing "A Book of Hours" (above, a little, soft sided, paper booklet). This little memorabilia piece was started during the art sessions of a fabulous retreat I attended the first week in Advent. The booklet I came home with was basically on white paper with a few pasted pieces of construction paper. To honor the weekend and some of the splendid readings I encountered during that weekend, written by author Thomas Merton, I felt there should be much more color and life in the pages - thus the reconstruct:)

#2. I've been filling another little journal with some of my "favorite" things, so as an incentive to complete those journal pages, I'm loving the idea of Misty's challenge. I'm sure it's "the more the merrier" if you'd like to give it a go!

The pink and green pages, are my latest entries into completing my "late 2008/early 2009" journal pages. (The pages are strips cut and reassembled into a collage - two photos - one of tulips and one a waterfall - the photos were given to me as gift cards on special occasions by a dear photographer friend - her signature is included on my pages as a remembrance for me.)


  1. I love how you take things apart and then reassemble them with your own special touch. I will explore the art challenge when I am home again and operating from more than an iPhone :) xoxo

  2. Hi Lucy, glad to hear from you...I know you have a busy schedule and glad you take a moment to check in. Had a good time with the photo strips...


  3. I love both pieces, but the top art journal is really speaking to me, must be those birds in flight. :-) And I love that you are going back to your Book of Hours.

  4. Abbey - I knew that the "Book" that I completed at the retreat was just the beginning structure for a more intricate work. I'm having fun with that and still hearing TMerton's words echoing.