Friday, January 02, 2009

Reflection upon a John Baillie prayer......

Beginning my morning devotions with John Baillie's prayer for the first day of the month, this one being, January 1, 2009, I came upon this phrase - "For the great and mysterious opportunity of my life." Because I use this little Baillie book regularly, it is not the first time that I have seen the phrase, it is just the first time I've stopped to personally reflect upon it -

Life, opportunity
My dreams and aspirations
God’s plan and manifest will
Mysterious….can they be the same

Life, opportunity
A curse, a gift
A package of sorrow or hope
To remain sealed or to be opened

Can I reject the life, the opportunity
Can I change my destiny
Change God’s will
The will – free or not – whose and which is it?

Photo - The Cloisters, 12/23/08 - SS


  1. A beautiful reflection. Isn't it a blessing how sometimes a particular familiar phrase will jump up and grab our attention (a bit like Riley asking for food, I imagine!).

  2. Wonder-FULL reflection. I run across things all of the time that I have underlined in the past and it's often like the first time seeing! xoxo

    Love the photo too. The Cloisters has been added to
    My must see list!

  3. Oh, Lucy - thank you! And you will love the Cloisters. Can't believe it took many so many years to get there - it is a lovely spot.