Friday, January 09, 2009

Just keep on walking

While reading The God of Second Chances, author Erik Kobell, I came upon this quote from poet Denise Levertov -

"the road unfurls itself, we don't stop walking, we know there is far to go."

My road is unfurling nicely these first 8 days of 2009 and I'm happily continuing to walk on, not really caring that there is far to go. I'm on a roll with my reading, writing, artwork, as well as physical and mental challenges I've laid out "my plan." I'm eager for the road to be long and comfortable - whoops - did I say comfortable?

Well, there's a bump in my road. It tugs at my mind and my heart. The bump comes from my being part of a hard decision that had to be made for a local and historic civic organization. The facts were there, logical, without question and under review for over a year - volunteers decreasing rapidly, donations dwindling, static membership - in order to preserve an endowment and to stop hemorrhaging funds - the Board's (of which I am a member) decision was that the organization be closed down immediately - the endowment would be preserved until that time when a more stable economy and alternative operating procedures could be established - the decision was made, appropriate steps were taken, and publicly announced.

The bump is not over the decision - it was measured, accurate and the appropriate thing to happen - my anxiety is over those who are not easily drawn to making hard decisions, who question the method of announcement, who anguish over the what if's. I know that I'm a strong enough person to shoulder these sometimes harsh, sometimes emotionally projected criticisms and concerns but it is a bump in my road that I would have been happy to avoid. Still, I was part of "paving" that road now unfurling itself and I won't stop walking, even while knowing the road is going to be neither smooth, nor short.

I hope that your 2009 road is starting out smoothly and that you will not have to dodge or be held back in your life's growth by big bumps or even small ones. But when the bumps do come, my suggestion is to take a deep breath, think twice before you speak, say a little prayer (always) and hey, why not - have a big glass of water - and keep on walking!

Photo - by SS - Maryhill Museum of Art, Goldendale, WA


  1. Anonymous3:15 AM

    Goodness, what time do you get up? I read your blog at 5:00 a.m. Oklahoma time. Sunrise Sister is definately an appropriate monicker for you.

  2. Mmmm, just catching up with your posts over the last few days and enjoying all the richness you've shared with us.
    I enjoyed the self-portraits, and I think it's great that you're doing them.
    Your road bump is a difficult one, but I like how you describe it and your thoughtfulness.

  3. Anon - well, in God's time there is no time:).....and well, you can never really trust a date and time stamp can you. There are always ways to "fix" those seemingly accurate stamps. Thanks for reading no matter what time you get to it.

    Tess, So glad for you to catch up. I've been having a great time with the self-portraits but am posting them someplace else than MindSieve for now. Anyway, they're fun to do.

    Yep, the bump is a bump but not worthy of anxiety so prayer and I are working a lot on this bump together! Tx.

  4. Anonymous9:50 PM

    It sounds like you've come to a good place - bump or not.I wonder where to next ?.....
    love the self portraits !

  5. Thanks enchanted - glad to have a visit from you. Where next - I'm sitting here today thinking exactly that.

    Tx the SP's have been fun!