Saturday, January 10, 2009

Split Personality

Well, here you have it, another self portrait, sorta, kinda. You can see from the title that today was one of those days.....I wanted to write, I wanted to glue, I wanted to watch a movie.

I've completed the glue things, these few comments, plus a little Facebook commenting are going to have to satisfy the writing and I'm definitely going to get in a movie or two this evening - so I'll see y' all tomorrow?

Happy Saturday evening!


  1. Hi SS, don't know how you did this image but it is so cool! Like a shattered photograph. love it!

  2. Hi Angel, thanks for visiting my site. I've just popped over to yours and left a long comment - nice work you are showing! Take care of your back....

  3. I really like this reflective piece.

  4. Tx - This was fun to do - with the sketch, the photo, the glue and the IPhoto tool.

  5. I think I kinda', sorta', half way recognize someone in those images.