Friday, January 16, 2009

Just a thought.....

I have so enjoyed participating in Misty Mawn's January Journaling exercise. I've been inspired and moved into action by the creativity and energy put into the beautiful work done by so many artist bloggers.

It's heady stuff viewing dozens of artists taking to the assignment with their own signature work - almost intoxicating to find so much fun and energy just flowing out on command (well almost on command - some of us are a little behind in the assignments:) It's tempting and somewhat unavoidable at times to relax one's own imagination and to be lured into feeble attempts of reproducing another's work. It's, of course, not a new temptation - artists have been forming work groups and inadvertently adapting styles for centuries, being unaware that they are even closely using another's style as their own original. But that aside - it is a terrific creative exercise and lots of fun to bravely post one's efforts for the day!

This a.m. though I came upon an Orson Welles quote and I thought it interesting in light of the temptation to take another's work as your own - Orson speaks - "I passionately hate the idea of being with it; I think an artist has always to be out of step with his time." Hmmm, what do you think about that thought? I'd love to hear your comments.....


  1. heady stuff indeed. my thoughts on your question go toward the philosophical :-) if we are in step with our own inner guidance then it will burst forth in our art and our lives. and if others don't stop and take notice...who cares? you're right where you are supposed to be :-)

    create away, SS. you are an inspiration to me!!!

    p.s. i am totally curious about the text "keeping spirits high for 35 years"...are those your words or part of a prompt?

    see you soon. woohoo!!!!

  2. It's part of a WW prompt I'm considering....