Monday, January 12, 2009

Why do I blog?

People often ask me why do I blog? Even when I've explained that I find it a tremendous creative outlet, the design, the content, the re-design, the richness of writing and reading posts and comments, the relationships that are formed with like-minded, or sometimes not so like-minded strangers who become friends and confidantes because they have the interest to read and listen to someone else's words and opinions - comments sometimes happy, sometimes not so, sometimes subjects of faith, religion, craft, children, weather, pets, spouses, vacations, deaths, exercise, artwork, collaging, photography, all sorts of mixed media interaction - even after I've told them all of that, there often comes a somewhat flat and disinterested, "oh."

I've learned that it is impossible to explain what this daily interaction means in my life. I am so happy when a few words come back in response to something I've written, or drawn, or painted. I' m enthusiastic with my praise and interest of other bloggers as I know what those comments mean to me. And besides it is absolutely mind-boggling to be a part of the gifts that other humans bring to each other's lives!

Now, lest you think that I hang around and fixate over my computer, you would be wrong. I have a full and rich life that I relish every day and I find from my blogger associates, they do too! That engagement in every day life and living is extraordinary and not to be taken for granted. The excitement and enthusiasm over everyday life is what blogging is all about for me! I'm grateful to be able to share those simple, I believe, God-given moments with those who are willing to listen. And, folks that's why I blog. Why do you?

Photo SS - Book of Hours - Night pages
with Quote from Thomas Merton - Night - Now is the time to meet your God.


  1. Anonymous9:42 PM know and to be known, to be seen, to participate, to see. To honor and to celebrate this gift of being human.

  2. Lizabeth - yes, the words you've written capture a great deal of what blogging is about. I'm glad you related to this post. I know your stories are full of life/humanity and though dear to you are even more fully known when "others" take time to lend their ears and hearts to your projects. Thanks for validating mine today!

  3. I blog to bring together all in one place my photography, random writing, creative adventures and a venue to meet other like-minded people! It has become my visual diary that I am willing to share with the world! Thanks for stopping by!

  4. For similar reasons to others. For a sense of companionship which I don't get from all of my "real life" acquaintances who are not interested in the same things as me - the "like-mindedness" that Deb speaks of.
    For the perhaps unlikely connections we forge across oceans, gender and age.
    And there's a nerdy-ness in me also that is pleased with the medium itself - although as we speak my main site is down for some reason and I'm waiting for the hosting company to help me!

  5. Deb and Tess, thanks for your comments.

    D-I've been enjoying your journal art so much and your SPs.

    T-yikes, the computer is down - dreaded words in our house. Yes, I definitely enjoy those unlikely, so faraway, but NOT, friendships that happen in the blogosphere.

    Loved your comments!

  6. well, as you can probably guess i thought to myself as i read your post "i could have written this myself!" i also realized that in addition to the things you have mentioned (including the "flat & disinterested 'oh'"), blogging has allowed me to find and more clearly define MY VOICE. as i begin my memoir writing class i think of the encouragement and definition that i received from my readers when i asked "why do you read lucy?"

    i will stop for now as i feel my own post bubbling up here. please know that out of the 220 (yikes) blogposts sitting in my blog feeder, this is the FIRST place i stopped :-) i was not disappointed.


    (beware, however, i may not be able to comment on all 23 posts that you and riley created in my absence...don't you know that you are supposed to slow down when i'm away?!?!??!)

  7. Hi Lucy - I am certain that your blogreader is overflowing, have fun with it. Riley and I do understand that you can't read all of our posts but you might be interested in scanning down the MINDSIEVE to January 5 - there's a photo of the morning bonfire:)


  8. For me blogging has become somewhat of a spiritual practice. Something sacred about it.

  9. not to worry--i did not miss the bonfire!!! you know i am FIRE :-)

  10. Lucy - I didn't think you would miss the bonfire:) comment. The candles really help me focus.

    Lisa - I didn't mention sacred but some of the bloggers that I connect with are truly a tool in my spiritual development. Words of others on their journeys, facing similar issues and challenging me to go beyond the path in which I feel yes, blogging has a sacred aspect for me as well.