Thursday, February 19, 2009

Blog-Tag interview continued from yesterday's post

3. Recently you have rediscovered Thomas Merton. What does this modern monk have to teach you that speaks to your life right now? Merton’s writings about living in and appreciating the present moment mean a great deal to me, particularly in light of his early and sudden death. He wasn’t waiting for a relationship with God, he wasn’t waiting for something to make him worship, or search, or find out who he was. He went after the gift of his life with a vengeance and gave himself over to his findings. He did not expect to die young, nor to be remembered as a theologian, he just went about what he felt was his purpose in life and when he was called sooner rather than later from his mortal life, he might have been surprised but I don’t believe he was unprepared. His lessons of just “being” are very comforting to me and I believe they may have lowered my blood pressure a little☺

4. What is your process or ritual for entering into a creative space and getting down to art-making? I’m working on this one. I truly believe that I’m called to create and yet, I can drift rather than with purpose make room for my craft. I repeat, I’m working on this one – I think perhaps I need another "awakening the creative spirit in you" retreat……..

5. I have heard rumors that you were the glamorous one of your family. What does your younger self have to say to your older self and vice versa? I’m sorry, I’m not sure who your rumor source is here.......but glamour is usually in the eyes of the observer rather than the eyes of the beholden.

In my younger years, I did do a lot of international travel, lived in New York as well as an Asian city, visited far-off places for leisure - I didn't really understand at the time that it was so "glamorous." My younger self might say to my older self, "it was a lot of fun and I wouldn't have missed it for anything" and my older self might say "I'm glad you had that good time then, but think how much more fun you're having now with a real partner along to enjoy all of those good things of life together."

I reflect a bit on my younger life from time to time and really never wish to be younger again. Generally reflection finds me yearning for life's adventure yet to come and thankful for the tools, additional courage, family and friends that I have garnered along the way to meet those adventures head on! I find my present life quite fulfilling and yes, I might say, standing back and looking at it - even glamorous:)

PS – is the rumor true that you might be joining us for the Awakening program?
Is there still room?????

Christine, thanks for sending me these great interview questions! SS

photo - SS/Maui - outside Mama's Fish House in Paia


  1. My rumor source has proven herself to be pretty reliable about most things. ;-) I love that there is a glamour to be embraced in your young life and in your wisdom years.

    There is always room for you. :-) We would love to have you join us. Maybe you'll bring the other glamorous, beautiful one of your family with you!

  2. whew! i have no idea how to respond to all that is going on in this post. i am dizzy and joy-filled from the reading.

    methinks there is always more room for awakening of the spirit - creative or no...but then it all really is creative, is it not?

    so glad you did this interview...if you want to do another i'd love to offer the questions. teehee.

  3. Dear Abbey and Lucy, thanks for the comments............I'm thinking seriously about the retreat and about the second interview bit. The questions do give one some pause for thought:)