Wednesday, February 25, 2009

From Dust to Dust

we, now smudged with ashes
hear others remark surprisedly - "Christians"

clean faced, unmarked
was there no way to recognize us
as Christians before

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  1. No one noticed my smudge - but I did think today how 'different' it was to have an outward 'sign' of my faith. I don't want to wash my face before I go to bed! But seriously = your words resonated and will sit with me for a while.

  2. very profound SS, thanks for this simple insight.

  3. Mavis - thank you so much. I can almost remember the first time I was marked with ashes. It was a moving moment for me......then I left the service went home and when looking in the mirror, thought instantaneously, what's that? How quickly we can forget the mark!

    Abbey - thanks for supplying the beautiful photo for my use and for your words!

  4. I agree with Abbey, profound. Thanks for the thoughtful words.

  5. Lisa and Sally - thank you!

  6. You'd think there would be some outward mark, wouldn't you? I missed my ashes this year because I was too ill to go out, and was very sad.