Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Goofy or Eccentric?

My spouse and I have an occasional discussion of adjectives when one or both of us labels the other - strange. I'll say, "Not strange - maybe goofy?" He says, "Too harsh, let's go for eccentric!" Actually he termed us eccentric one day when I asked the question about who we really knew to be eccentric? "Us!" he declared. I don't know about the "us" part, I mean, we often have very different opinions about what constitutes goofy and/or eccentric, so maybe we're neither.

I mean what are the strange or unusual habits or things in your household - even if you are only a household of person and pet - goofy or eccentric? Any of your habits mimic ours?

*We seldom speak, even when passing in our own kitchen, prior to coffee, and morning prayer - one of us may deny this habit, but it is definitely so -
*One of us prefers separate bathrooms -
*One of us NEVER, EVER leaves the house prior to full bathing, primping, etc. -
*We prefer walls full of art rather than knick knacks on tables -
*We prefer contemporary abstract art to traditional landscape or still life -
*We often shop for art on holiday in cities other than our own -
*We seldom buy art prior to researching the artist's bio -
*We enjoy buying a piece of art just prior to an artist becoming "famous" -
*One of us enjoys designer or brand name clothes -
*One of us enjoys non-designer everything -
*One of us always has a twenty dollar bill on hand, the other never has a clue what's on hand -
*One of us insists that two gallons of gas in the car is plenty to get us home or to the store -
*One of us believes the car not clean until the inside windows are shined and the floor mats vacuumed -
*One of us believes that two dogs are plenty -
*One of us believes there's always room for one more -
*One of us believes that we'll never move again -
*One of us believes one should never say never -
*One of us believes that buying one of any item in the grocery store is plenty -
*One of us believes that you're already at the store, why not stock up -
*Neither of us would drive across town for a bargain -
*Neither of us has a Costco card -
*Both of us think we're out of toilet paper or paper towels if we're down to the last 3 rolls -
*One of us thinks we should hire a lawn service -
*One of us has actually mentioned buying a lawn mower -
*Both of us would rather have brown grass than chemical fertilizer -
*Both of us are comfortable with dogs in the kitchen -
*Both of us are uncomfortable with the idea of a restaurant that would allow that -
*Both of us believe babies should be in church with their parents -
*Both of us believe that women and men make fine priests in any denomination -
*Both of us believe in the Trinity -
*Both of us believe in true love -
*Both of us have found it -
*Both of us are enjoying retirement -
*Both of us are going to be the same chronological age today - Happy Birthday to one of us!

The verdict - goofy, eccentric - where do your habits place you?

Photo - Sunset on Maui


  1. Your post made me laugh and I think I might need to add a few more to your list...

    * one of you thinks you know everything...
    * one of you is humble enough to admit you don't...
    (okay dad, that wasn't meant to be mean but is true)

    Here are a few of ours..
    * one of us can't get warm unless we take a steaming hot shower and sometime leave work in the middle of the day to do just that..
    * one of us goes running in shorts even in freezing temperatures
    * one of us wakes up at 5:15 to run
    * but one of us wakes up at 4:30 just to catch sunrise and the first waves of the morning before work
    * one of us will buy homeless people lunch rather than give them money
    * one of us is scared at the those types of habits of the other one.. and worries the other one will be in danger...
    * both of us are terrible at foreign languages and prefer sign language
    * both of us think that life is one big adventure and can't wait for the next chapter
    * both of us are thankful for our families even if they can be odd, goofy, eccentric or annoying at times...

  2. Sarah, I love YOUR list. Thanks for taking time to post it - now I can worry about the things each of you worry about the other:))


  3. Anonymous11:26 AM

    What a sweet list! It's such a brilliant little series of photographs that give us a wonderful idea of a relationship and a home. At the same time, I am sure you can look at this list and say: yes, this is all of us and some of us, and we are all of this and none of this.
    Blessings to you home and your love and your puppy dogs, Marisa

  4. Happy birthday to "the one" of you! And thank you for the post. I'll give the list a try... when my brain's more alert.

  5. Epiphany Girl and e.o.w -

    thank you for your comments. Don't worry about making your own list - it was just a little entertainment for myself and I thank you for reading and playing along with me:)

  6. When people enter my apartment, they take off their shoes and volunteer to plant rice. I have lots of Japanese (and some Chinese) art hanging up.

    I stay up late listening to radio programs from around the world when I cannot sleep.

    In my spare time, I herd dust bunnies.

    Is that enough eccentricity for you? ;)

  7. Can hardly wait for two eccentrics to visit us on Oahu next week.