Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day......

You might wonder what the photo here has to do with the greeting, well the photo reminds me of a lovely day with my beloved husband sightseeing in Portland, OR.

We don't save romance until Valentine's Day rather we take advantage of it whenever we have the chance.....unexpected worship service in an old Lutheran Church in a city neighborhood we found while searching for an art museum, later a stroll through the museum, lunch in its cafe, sharing of our personal opinions about the art, the history, the museum, the day; for two people who see each other every day, we still have a lot to say and share about some things, about everything, about nothing.

For us, Valentine's Day and the love it represents comes much more often than once a year!

Plan to share your love with someone today
whether sweetheart, friend, stranger, or brother
Give it your all with no thought or bother
and surprisingly catch it when returned from the other

Oh, excuse the corny poem - it's as good as a Hallmark Card don't you think?:)

Photo covertly taken by SS in Portland Museum of Art/Frank Stella work

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  1. i'm not sure hallmark will be contacting you any time soon...

    but the sentiment is definitely a good one. i'm sitting here with my sweetie, listening to music and eating ice cream. xoxooxo