Friday, February 27, 2009

Navigating through Lent

The last few days online have been rich with posts charting the weeks ahead in this season of Lent. There are plans for fasting, for studying, for creating, many plans. I've followed along in my daily reference books - Thomas Merton, holy scripture, etc., and I've taken inspiration from many beautiful posts and works of art - too numerous to plug - using all as blessed nourishment and navigational hints for the season; I find myself hungrily taking in the morsels of the day - there is richness, love, heartache, and God around me as the season of Lent begins - begins with precious time of leisure with my spouse, dining with family and friends, enjoying the breeze, the scenery, the "full sails" one might say........truly food for my Lenten journey and actually enough left over to last a lifetime.

Charting a course through Lent, I've chosen some aspects of life to avoid during the 40 days, some to take up. One aspect I will share - I will not be fasting from blogging, rather I will continue sharing my thoughts and being truly fed by the authors that I read each day.....some days so full of sustenance I feel the glutton, some days, a single crumb read that takes my breath away!

May your journey in Lent be filled with the nourishment you need and rich surprises of joy you cannot imagine this day. I expect neither my Lenten disciplines nor yours will be smooth sailing all the way or be exactly as we charted; God does have a way of adjusting what we think or plan to do. Even if our plans aren't those which we expected, I pray that the fullness of God's blessings and how to use them in service to others will be evident to you and to me.

Photo - re-connecting "accidentally" with this talented artist - her piece NAVIGATION inspired the nautical notes of this post - to purchase Katherine's work or to see more email her at (This beautiful little piece is an oil on canvas, 9" x 6" @ $95.00 + $6.00 for shipping)


  1. Dianna Thank you so much for posting my painting with your beautiful words. Thank you also for the link to my blog. I feel serene having read a few of your dailies. Your blog has been an inspiration in starting this day. Lovely.

  2. oh my, that beautiful little piece would look heavenly in my new office. dare i?

    love your thoughts on lent...would love to hear more. there is something cryptic almost, but sometimes that's how it is with god, huh?

  3. Dear K -

    the posting of your little oil was a pleasure for me, thank you for the permission. Certainly, that little piece is just a taste of the larger works and talent that you produce and possess. Flickr lovers who read this I know will probably want to check out your other work.

    Hi Lucy, Oh, go for it, you won't be sorry:)

    The Lenten thoughts are backing up on me they are so plentiful. I spent a good bit of this morning's prayer time praying for the "haters" of this world. Oh yeah, probably a post coming on these prayers.


  4. Quick note, I havent' read your post yet but I clicked onto your profile page, saw "999 views" and couldn't resist. So I clicked off, to click back on, to be your 1,000 viewer! (Yes indeed, these simple things excite me...)

  5. Thanks Sunrise Sister- may these days be filled with nourishment, healing, silence and rest. The imposition of the ashes was a powerful experience for me, as is the experience of this season, knowing what I now know or Rather, seeing as I know see (because I don't know exactly what I see, in terms of naming here, my the ways of my seeing are shifting somehow...) I appreciate your presence on my journeys, and love sharing in yours!

  6. e.o.w. - thanks again for tipping me off to the profile views!!

    Also, very much enjoy reading your posts - I'll be staying tuned in.