Saturday, February 28, 2009

View, Edit, Delete and even Treasure.....

I've a habit of morning prayer, readings and meditation right after 1 glass of water, 1/2 cup of oj, 1 large cup of decaf coffee - the coffee usually comes to meditation with me.....this regimen seems to work for me as I don't have a job to race to or kids to get going in the a.m. and because I know many of you do have those items on your daily agenda, I try to remember you often in my prayers. I have a wealth of spiritual resources at my finger tips in my quiet space, also usually a dog or two, and from one to five lit candles - oh, the candle thing - my sis pushed candles on me until I could resist no more. I do have to admit that the candles help me focus (although no candles during vacation's meditation - that's another post).

One morning this week after my morning prayer and meditation, I clicked on my computer and faced an assorted, or maybe sordid, list of email messages in my in box......

I'm on vacation and even if I was at home, these were the immediate deletes - do not open - delete and move on messages from -

Target Stores offering free shipping, etc.
Bergdorf Goodman offering - "The Aggressive Black Shoe Sale"
Delta Airlines offering a way to earn 3,000 extra travel miles
Land's End offering a free midweek bonus of 20% off some items
Title Nine offering "Today's WOW"
Ralph Lauren offering "The New Lauren Spa"
NYTimes offering the headline "Obama Assures the Nation"
Barnes and Noble offering 20% discount if......
Barnes and Noble coupons for members
Varied Forwards from friends

Now obviously sometime in the past I have or in the future may purchase items on line from these folks but most days they are quick and easy deletes! And the forwards? I've told friends not to bother with me on their lists but that doesn't stop them:)

Proceeding to mail of interest -
Church bulletin with local and diocesan news
Updates from a local Board of Trustees, including Agenda attachment/last meeting's minutes
An assignment for reading and discussion for my weekly Spiritual Formation group
Facebook replies/invitations
Episcopal Relief and Development Lenten Lesson for the Day - I find this lesson sometimes thought provoking for the next day's meditation

On to mail that's fun and that I can't wait to read but save til last-
Replies to my most recent blog posts
A great photo or two of grandchildren in Disneyland or The Philippines or wherever their travels take them next
An e-mail from one or two of our daughters - two out of three regularly - the third I open her emails immediately - we never hear from her! Same with the son:)

So you see, I could live without all of this email correspondence - it's not of the urgent variety - but the fun, the spiritual, the family, the friends, the blog buds - these connections I treasure. I view them, I reread them, sometimes I save them or print them out for deep files that I hope someone bothers to read after I'm gone.

These computer connections are part of my life, part of who I am, part of who I want to become in this life and in my life to come. I receive encouragement in these little emails from people I know and from people whom I will probably never meet. I receive messages that I know come straight from God even though sometimes they're signed by you, my blog friends or family. I am grateful for all of them! So thank you for reading, for writing, for viewing, editing, deleting and sometimes treasuring. You are a treasure to me also!

May you have a blessed day!


  1. My morning prayer routine is pretty important to me also. The day just doesn't feel right if it doesn't happen. No candles for me. Never did understand that practice. But I do have a few treasured Icons, and a big window overlooking the garden that are important elements in my meditation.

  2. i love this little insight into your morning. the only thing that shocked me was your deletion of the barnes and noble coupons...for such a reader, i wondered "how could you?"...

    and cp - no candles? - such a curmudgeon - i think maybe we need to sneak one of zena moon's "crabbiness b gone" candles into his office. whaddya think? xoxxoo