Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Now I am grownup?

From Thomas Merton, A Book of Hours, comes this -

Now I am grown-up and have not time for anything but the essentials.

Interesting little sentence - maybe a bit poetic, even prayerful......So short, too short for reflection? I think not:)

Now, this minute, this day, this year
I am grown-up - oh really
and have not time for anything - for anything - for love, for life, for God
but the essentials - for love, for life, for God

Photo - Maui 2/9/09


  1. Hi Sunrise, thank you for visiting my blog. You said you were interested in Artist Trading Cards. You can Google ATC's or visit Art Trader Magazine. There are lots of trading clubs you can belong to, some of which are in Yahoo Groups. I made a few last summer, but not too many people that I blog with were interested in trading, so I let it go. I just thought it was fun to make small collages.

    That's a very pretty photo you posted.

  2. so do you feel like a grown up when your toes hit that maui sand? i feel like a petulant little kid, stuck here in the cold gray NW!

    enjoy! xoxox

  3. Dennis loves your blog.