Thursday, February 12, 2009

Wings, I see wings......

The wings today?.....well, the wings today, in the left hand photo, came from the Portland Art Museum, the museum that my spouse and I had planned to visit at 11:00 last Sunday a.m.

Seemed the Art Museum didn't open until noon but St. James Lutheran Church down the block conveniently offered Holy Communion at 11:00, so of course, we ducked in there.
We were greeted by a lovely, old carved and stain-glassed filled edifice - more wings shown below on the right - by a small and welcoming congregation, by familiar hymns accompanied by a talented choir, and an extraordinary sermon led by a gifted teacher and pastor. God's presence was felt.

But back to the art museum, the wings I was drawn to there were in the French paintings exhibit from the time of Madame Pompadour - 1760's. There were winged features and creatures throughout the exhibit.

Now to the heart of the "Wings thing" - an attraction to wings - what's that all about? I began keeping up with Susanna's Sketchbook (Susanna is a talented blog writer, artist, photographer, etc.) about 6 months ago and found one of her many projects to be a "wings project" - creative, fun and a bit infectious, my interest in actually having my own set of Susanna's wings was piqued; I hesitantly asked if perhaps I could receive a set of my own and they arrived just in time for my departure to Maui.

I'm now definitely "in" on the idea of these little wings showing up in places all over the world. You'll note in the next few days or so that they've definitely been around Maui. Some fun and unusual places as the wings travel well and keep jumping up and out of the bag for another photo op.

I hope you'll come back this week and see where the wings have perched during my leisure adventure:)


  1. Cool! I can't wait to see where you put the wings during your trip. Fun! Thank you for doing that for me.

    PS: There's an entire room full of Fragonard paintings at The Frick in NYC that Mme Pompadour (I think that was her) commissioned and then never displayed. It's quite an experience to stand in that room and imagine the courtesans from that time period milling about in front of those paintings.

  2. Hi S - thanks for the comment and most of all for the wings. Having a great time with them.

    The Frick - I lived in the East for sooooooo many years and never visited the Frick Museum. Will have to do a follow up there next time I visit:)

    I found the paintings less appealing than the posted history of when they appeared, Mme Pompadour's influence - she was just a kid - . I did love the Chardin pieces and the portrait of Mme P herself, although now this minute I can't remember who painted it. It was very recognizable to me and so romantic in its portrayal....of course, she definitely had a romantic presence in the court.


  3. oh, i love these little wing things :-) so, do you get to keep them or must they be returned to susanna after their trip?