Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Poetry Party over at the Abbey......

Topsy-turvey tippy-toed dancers
poised to perform
their tiny ballet

Hushed and still
they wait the opening note
and nod from their Maestro

Join the Poetry Party - always fun!
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  1. beautiful! my amarylis is about to open and i think she will be wearing a tutu, though it's too soon to tell (i've never had one so i don't know what to expect!)

  2. ooooo your FIRST amaryllis, you're in for a treat. They really look like little miracles perched atop those long necks:)

    Thanks for stopping by...

  3. SS, your poem made me smile and laugh, what a great image for entering these buds!

  4. Oh, just gorgeous! Light-hearted and far-sighted at the same time.

  5. wonderful! i could see the images as soon as i read your words. i have yet to come up with my own poem the week, but am greatly inspired by yours!! xoxo

    (the word verification here is: spins...might as well be twirls)

  6. C, T, L, Hello to all my favorite bloggers:) Thanks for your great comments. Love the "poetry weeks"!


  7. I like the alliteration in that first line, and the metaphor of dancers--makes me want to see them open up and show us their pretty purple tutus!