Monday, February 02, 2009

Virtual Sketch Date - more fun

On January 26, I posted a sketch that I had completed as an entry into the Virtual Sketch Date event. Since then I have, of course, viewed others' entries and considering my little sketch pretty weak and incomplete against the others'entries, I've played around, re-sketched and now added acrylic colors into the piece.

Though certainly this month's competition is closed on VSD, that's not the point. My little sketch is a result of the practice, observing, learning opportunity and I'm happier with my reworked piece; all of this sketching and reworking is now destined to be a part of my work-in-progress collage piece here. More fun!


  1. i agree with CP!! i can't wait to witness the continuing work on "clementine" or is it satsuma? :-)

    it is so wonderful to see you creating!!! you are VERY talented!!!


  2. CP and Lucy,

    Oh it's good to have some unbiased fans:)! Thank you! I must say this is a fun little piece and I had hoped to have a finished piece before we leave for the big "M" but am going to take some time on this rather than rush it to conclusion. Thanks again for the comments.