Thursday, March 19, 2009

Bliss - full

Over at Tess's and Lucy's sites last week we were all invited to respond to Blisschick's invitation to share the blissful activities we enjoy. I believe I probably replied to everyone's site but in those replies I found the need to just share it out loud right here on MindSieve! So......

Even though watching others create can sometimes be intimidating, I still love the joy of exchange while learning in a group. I believe that nothing we learn is wasted even if we only use it once and then move on. The stimulation of the new experience and sharing it is worth the time spent learning. Also, learning by oneself, via a book, the internet - that food for brains is "always" there tucked away for just the right word to wake it up. I find learning and my brain's treasured depths that can be summoned up on command (most of the time) to be a fascinating subject in itself. Although I haven't enrolled for a brain surgeon class any time soon - although Tess did encourage me to do that, stating she thought I would be a fine one -- I'm happy to sit and speculate to my heart's content about how my brain works now and how it improves every day.

Learning turn any of you on in some way? Would you rather learn in a one to one setting or in a group exchange? Have you taken a class or a workshop or retreat for yourself in the last year - want to share?


  1. "I believe that nothing we learn is wasted even if we only use it once and then move on." this is so affirming to me, because i find myself exploring all sorts of new ideas and options. some would interpret this as lack of focus or unproductive searching, but it feels so right to me. it's funny how i never know where that new little piece of information may show up again, but it seems to quite often. this in itself is very exciting to me...the element of surprise that comes when we open ourselves to new experiences.

    classes this past year? oh yea. they range from takatina (rhythm and movement) to one i will take tomorrow on narcissists and well as several i have attended with my favorite people :-)

    while i would absolutely support you if you decided to become a brain surgeon, i'm thinking you might have other areas that better serve your strengths. xoxo

  2. Lucy - nothing is wasted as far as I'm concerned. I agree with you that the surprise of finding just one teeny fact from what seemed an irrelevant endeavor serves to prove that "non-waste" theory worthwhile.

    The brain surgeon thing, I think I've moved out of that inspiration this a.m.:)

  3. Inasmuch as I am often quite unconscious in your presence, and inasmuch as there are many sharp knives close at hand, and Inasmuch as you've always wondered what was going on in my head, I would much prefer that you forget all about this brain surgeon stuff

  4. What brain surgeon stuff??????

  5. I really wanted to comment earlier on this post, but something didn't work out for me ...
    Needless to say, I thoroughly enjoy my classes in Japanese and in the brushwork of Japanese calligraphy. It pleases me no end to realize my mind is far from being atrophied in my retirement. For some reason, I feel a bit too mentally bogged down to travel as much as I would like, but this excursion into brain-expanding areas compensates for me. The travel will come in time.
    I frankly prefer one-on-one learning because I am far too competitive by nature. Still, I do enjoy meeting people I would not otherwise encounter. I just have to keep my ego in check. ;)

  6. Hi Barbara,

    I dived into a workshop on hand-pulled prints today - a little anxiety, a lot of "I can do" and you know what I could and I did:) Back tomorrow for another dose. It was a room full of people relatively low on ego and high on "want to!" Was thinking about your calligraphy experience and your notes re the way you feel comfortable learning. Learning new stuff - fantastic!