Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Perhaps I am stronger.......

"Perhaps I am stronger than I think.
Perhaps I am even afraid of my strength, and turn it against myself,
thus making myself weak.
Making myself secure. Making myself guilty.
Perhaps I am most afraid of God's strength within me.
Perhaps I would rather be guilty and weak myself,
than strong in Him who I cannot understand."*

My response to this examen is - perhaps......

*Quote - Thomas Merton/Book of Hours - Kathleen Deignan, Editor - Examen, p. 78
Photo - cabin medallion, St. Andrew's Retreat House, Hood Canal


  1. Love the quote and the image. Sometimes I think that being weak is being strong and vice versa. But I am thinking in terms of my life right now. I am feeling particularly weak emotionally but strong in endurance.

    Thanks for the thought.

  2. perhaps... this reminds me of several other quotes i have pondered for myself.

    very nice image. i missed that one.

  3. L - endurance would seem to be a good counter-balance to the weak spot you find in yourself right now. Thanks for reading!

    L - thought you'd like that little door plaque from the cabin.