Friday, March 13, 2009


Evil constant and predictable
Its sound a disguised dirge moving onto the shoreline
Deep notes lulling curious players on the sand
Playful waves seemingly harmless enough to one's unbaptized flesh

Evil knows tenderness and temptation
No threat in its kisses
No hint of its madness
No warning of its strength

The sand's reply to the luring enticement at water's edge
An acquiescent mindless swoosh
While the tide's provocative cold rhythm
Seductive persuasive force gains strength

Somewhat unsuspecting unprepared for evil
The bathers slip into the waters for sport
Sun glinting and dancing on the waves life preservers close at hand
Evil confident its powerful tricks and undertow will prevail


  1. Reminds me a bit of a portion of Psalm 73. Well done.

  2. This is powerful! I especially love the image of "an acquiescent mindless swoosh."

  3. not certain of your intent here, but this feels downright creepy...& seductive...if that is your intent, then well done. i'd love to know more about this piece.

  4. CP-thanks for the Psalm 73 reference. It does resemble my thought process in the way that I believe Evil sneaks up in our lives and unnoticed may pervade the open spaces of our hearts and minds. Ruthlessly, delightfully using its persuasion to lull us into the depths of darkness. All of Psalm 73 does hold out hope for the Psalmist and I think there will be more to be said about evil or perhaps grace tomorrow.

    e.o.w. "an acquiescent mindless swoosh" - a favorite phrase of mine also. Isn't that the way of evil tiptoeing into our lives, we just give it a brush, it's not much, it won't hurt us - too little notice perhaps givev to evil's persuasiveness.

    Lucy - oh yeah, I'm so glad you found this creepy and seductive! I am writing more about this piece for viewing tomorrow. Thank you for your comment - come back:)