Thursday, March 12, 2009

Hold my place, please......

Encouraging one another may sometimes mean standing in spiritually for someone else. I mean, sometimes people suddenly find themselves in the desert of their spiritual connection - they haven't lost their faith, they've just reached a really hard spot to overcome in their journey. They might/might not need a little help, maybe they just need to reflect for a while on where they are spiritually or not.

I believe that in my times of depression, sorrow, loss, and confusion that God has always had "someone" and I most of the time never knew who that "someone" was, that was praying for me, that was giving me a kind word of reassurance, a word of encouragement. I consider that those persons were standing in for me, holding my place in line until I was ready to find God's presence in my life at the time. I didn't know they were there but I believe they were.

Do you believe someone has "saved your place in God's line" somewhere, some time? Have you ever "saved someone else's place"? Are you "saving someone's place" even as you read this post?


  1. yes. yes. yes. standing in the gap comes to mind AND it raises some questions as to whether or not i always wanted the exact prayers that others were/are praying for me. for example, i imagine there are a few out there still praying that i find the "right" path to follow.

    i am also reminded of the times when i could not even begin to think of prayer, because...well, because the pain was too hard, the depression too deep, the anger at God too angry, the chaos too chaotic. i am so grateful for the prayers literally around the world that carried me and my family through those times.

    the words "body of christ" also come to mind. if we consider humanity as one organism, then what else can we do, but save each other's place...out of love for one another.

    am i rambling? i keep thinking of christine's beautiful words, "Sometimes I wonder what we are doing when we pray. I question how it all works, we have created such an intricate system for explaining how God responds. But even in the midst of those uncertainties, of this I am sure. The power of being present to another person in the midst of their struggles is of such magnitude, such grace."

    i believe we can "be present" through our thoughts and prayers...however, it "works". so, again to answer your questions. yes, yes, yes!

  2. Lucy - this response means a lot to me! .....brings so many new thoughts along with it.

    1. I've stopped praying for experiences/outcomes/should happens for people - I just send up their name and pray God knows all the things on the TO-DO list.
    2. And the can't even think of prayer or spirituality or anything except maybe "where the heck is God when I need him" sort of thought, I think that is sooooo prevalent in us and in the people we meet. That's when we have to "save a place for them" and on and on and
    thank you again, this response means a LOT.


  3. Hey,
    Thanks for your post on my blog and for holding my place. I definitely appreciate it.

    I like the idea of standing in line for someone or of someone standing in line for me. Somehow it seems more meaningful than simply having someone say I'll pray for you.

    Standing in line implies waiting for me, for God until I can get back in line for myself. Nice imagery.

    Thanks a bunch.