Wednesday, March 11, 2009

It's a gift

It's hard work to be a child of God
It shouldn't be
After all, it's a gift

So, if it's a gift
Is there an obligation
Is there or do we just think there is

And if we think it's a lousy gift
Do we have to accept it
Well, do we

And if it's a great gift
Then what are we to do
Live a thank you note

I didn't make you read this
Why did you
You can always erase the words from your memory bank

I mean these words are a gift
There's no obligation
You can forget that I asked you these questions

Maybe you would rather reconsider
Being a Child of God
It's a gift

Photo - SS - Maui Ginger


  1. I love that, live a thank you note. That is what your blog reminds me. Stay in gratitude. Thank you Dianna.

  2. "live a thank you note" is my favorite line, too. it's a great gift...your words, God's gift. yep, it is! xoxo

  3. Katherine and Lucy - Yeah you for noticing my favorite line - yeah me for coming up with it.

    Best to you both - thanks as always for reading AND commenting.