Tuesday, March 17, 2009


March 1 in responding to a question regarding Lenten discipline, posed by Tess, I reflected that I find in this stage of my life, not so much collecting “things” to make me happy, rather I find myself invigorated by opportunities to spend time in rest and re-creation of my choice.

To fill in those reflective blanks for myself, I find that in the rest and recreation, I find two “things” that seem to have a tug on my heart these days -

1. Artists’ supplies and the artworks I am producing - coming from a place in me I feared might be forgotten after such a long respite.

2. Books speaking to my heart and soul about where I am in my spiritual journey in seeking closer fellowship with my Creator. In fact, my life with books seems to be growing exponentially! I find they're like new friends or perhaps scouts on a journey, assisting me in landmarks and direction.

It's not exactly a new question - but anything in particular feeding you during this Lenten season? Anybody actively fasting some of the time? I've never tried fasting......


  1. Dianna are you working on more of your beautiful collage work? I have enjoyed following your blog I find I go to my still, present place to meet your reflections. Thank you.

  2. Katherine -

    I am and hope to have a new piece up later this week.

    Thank you so much for reading here at MindSieve. As a blogger, it's always fulfilling to have a new reader.

  3. Your question about fasting made me think of the Catholic church I grew up in. In the days before Vatican II, we had to fast from midnight before taking communion. This inevitably meant going without breakfast on a Sunday morning. (Now it's just one hour's fast.)
    No breakfast could be quite difficult for a hungry young child, and for anyone frail or elderly. But it did underline the sacredness of the sacrament.
    I'm deeply suspicious of the use of serious physical deprivation in religious practice - it can easily slip into obsession. And it can have a subtext that the body is horrible and unholy. But most faiths have some tradition of fasting and I think it can concentrate the mind and spirit.
    Now I'm just off to have a pizza...

  4. Hi Tess,
    Thanks for your notes re fasting. I had a young housekeeper years back who came to work one day so excited because she had made a bargain with God re fasting, weight loss, and good things coming her way. I listened and cautioned her a little about that because she was feeling so "high" with the fast that she thought she could just keep it up indefinitely!....Yikes. Anyway, needless to say she found out she could NOT keep it up indefinitely and that perhaps God was not "in on the bargain promises" after all. I certainly try to curtail any over-eating during the season of Lent, but I've found taking on disciplines may be more meaningful than giving up things for me. Thanks again for your comments.

  5. Ah, books. How they feed (and how I have more than I can "eat" : )

    Btw, I love your artwork. It is quite beautiful.

  6. L.L. - thanks for the comments. Oh, I know my desire is bigger than my ability to cover all of the print I would like to!

    And the artwork - oooohh - thank you very much!

  7. I am fasting. I have given up meat and dairy. I usually do a fast of some sort during Lent and it has always been a worthwhile endeavor. If nothing else, I learn that I have certain issues with certain foods and as a result certain attitudes become evident.

    This Lenten season finds me in the midst of something entirely unexpected: the demise of our family cat. I am extremely vulnerable at this stage of the season to seeing all sorts of things about myself. Some likeable and some unlikeable.

    I so want Easter to be a true transformation and resurrection for me.

  8. Lisa - I am so sorry to hear that your kitty died. I know you were hoping that could be postponed by treatment for a while. It is so painful to lose a treasured animal member of the family. For those who have never loved pets it is hard to imagine how heartbroken we are when the death occurs.

    The season of lent can be a heavy one for those who observe with changes that can alter both their minds and their bodies. I've never really fasted other than giving up a food here or there. I've always been a bit worried about my personal mood swings by too much alteration of my diet - I'm pretty sure God understands that but I do feel a little of a cry-baby about not taking on more fasting!

    For me, observing Lent in as steadfast a manner as I can, usually does bring me to a transformation of some sort although I would probably be hard pressed to put into words exactly what that transformation would be.

    Thank you for your comments and again I am so sorry about the loss of your precious pet.