Saturday, March 07, 2009

So where is your spirituality?

The post this a.m. is from Episcopal Relief and Development's Daily Meditations for Lent -

"You know how to interpret the appearance of earth and sky, but why do you not know how to interpret the present time?" Luke 12:56

"How can we tell when it's going to rain? How do we know what we know? From experience, mostly.*

Jesus was not contrasting worldly knowledge with spiritual knowledge to its disadvantage; he was merely pointing out that we will learn those things we consider important and will remain ignorant of the ones we don't care much about.

So where is your spirituality on your list of priorities? Is your conversation with God a thing you've made it your business to learn about by spending more time at it?"

Thanks for reading - enjoy your day!

*Photo - Experience has taught us that late February and early March often brings rain on Maui:)


  1. your photo is the hawaiian version of my morning seattle view, as i sit pondering the questions of spirituality which come in all forms and shapes and hopefully stay near the top of my list most of the time!

    reading here is one of the ways i "spend time at it." xoxoxo

  2. Lucy - I am so blessed to have you as a reader and a commenter. Thank you!

    We drove home from Portland today not in rain but in a windy dust storm most of the way. A thin layer of dust is on everything in the yard - we need a good rain here and soon but I hope no more snow!

  3. I've been thinking recently about this phrase you use: conversation with God. (As I understand it, in the Jewish tradition, there's quite a lot of arguing with God.)

    What do we mean when we converse with God?

    To me it's another form of prayer, not meditation, not asking for a five-speed bike (or whatever!), not expressing gratitude. Not exactly talking like to a friend, but there is a sense of back-and-forth sometimes that feels very precious. And sounds bloody daft when you try to describe it!

  4. I love the quotations here... And I'm reading a book that made me think of you today. It's called Receiving the Day, Christian Practices for Opening the Gift of Time by Dorothy Bass.