Friday, March 06, 2009

Strayed from the path already?

Over at The Painted Prayerbook on March 4, Jan Richardson wrote a beautiful post regarding a Benedictine's life, along with commenting about Jesus' strong reaction to Peter imploring Jesus not to continue toward the danger Peter felt was inherent in Jesus' direction - "Get thee behind me Satan!"

My thoughts about Peter, poor Peter, such a familiar figure you are to me. Loving Jesus, attempting to follow him, and doing your best to be a good disciple and yet, Peter, you and I still unable to get it quite right.

The journey into Lent is under way and I'm doing relatively well in following the path to which I believe I'm called. Regrettably, my steps do wander and I find myself "somewhere" off the path, mentally scolding myself - (BTW those are not "my" hairy legs drifting off the path in the photo!) all the while knowing that there is NOT a magic formula for a successful Lenten journey and attempting to be grateful for the days that I've lived so far, I mean, who knows what a "successful Lenten journey" looks like anyway?

So, I thank Jan for her words about the Benedictines, about Peter’s weaknesses, about the possibility Jesus rebuked Peter so strongly in order to keep his own resolve intact. Keeping my own resolve intact was never so clear as when I began Lent with a desire to walk with Jesus. While disappointedly finding myself “lost” from the path sooner rather than later, I need to take a breath and step back on the path, all the while reminding myself of the grace that is there.

I pray your journey is going well and that your footsteps and mine stray less and less as the Lenten wilderness days are experienced.

Photo - "Off the path" by CP, Ohai Trail, Maui


  1. i did gasp when i saw those hairy legs and thought maybe you had become overly relaxed while on the island :-)

    re: the path...i was reminded as i read how i have those harsh voices that so quickly want to tell me that i am getting it wrong. i met with my spiritual director yesterday and she posed the question of "what are those voices trying to teach me & what might i learn from them...especially if i view them with compassion rather than disgust..." that sounds to me like your reminder of "the grace that is there!"

    may we all be gracious with ourselves during this season.

    peace & love.

  2. As in the picture the path is narrow.
    I think it is a wondrous thing when someone makes an attempt to walk it, let alone stay on it.

  3. Did you get permission to use the photo from the guy who owns those hairy legs and goofy feet?

  4. Lucy - I like what your spiritual director had to say about the harsh voices (of your own) that speak up too frequently, undeservedly correcting you for things you are NOT doing wrong. Seems like a good path to follow.....

    Katherine - It's a pleasure to have your words and your presence here at the Mind Sieve. I would agree the decision to get on the path is a big one - staying on it - a real balancing act!

    CP - Ya know, I didn't get his permission but the path was so properly depicted in the view finder - he must have been placed there to take the photo for this outstanding post! Ya think?

    A big thank you again to all of you!