Sunday, March 01, 2009

Who is more little.....

Words from Thomas Merton, The Book of Hours for Dark - come back at night if you're not ready to read this now......

"Who is more little, who is more poor than the helpless who lies asleep in bed without awareness and without defense? Who is more trusting than he who must entrust himself each night to sleep? What is the reward of his trust? Gentleness comes to him when he is most helpless and awakens him, refreshed, beginning to be made whole. Love takes him by the hand, and opens to him the doors of another life, another day.

(But he who has defended himself, fought for himself in sickness, planned for himself, guarded himself, loved himself alone and watched over his own life all night, is killed at last by exhaustion. For him there is no newness. Everything is stale and old.)

When the helpless one awakens strong at the voice of mercy, it is as if Life his Sister, as if the Blessed Virgin, (his own flesh, his own sister), as if Nature made wise by God's Art and Incarnation were to stand over him and invite him with unutterable sweetness to be awake and to live."

I hope that you've enjoyed this piece from Mr. Merton.... May your nights be filled with restful peace and your awakening with the sense and knowledge of a new day's salvation. Walk with God, remember to honor Christ in the other, live your day in joy - Happy Sunday!

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  1. this was a beautiful piece to read in the morning after awakening from a restful night's sleep. thank you for this lovely reminder of the gifts we receive when we surrender to God (even if it is only for a few hours while sleeping.)

    i read recently these words, "record your dreams. they are the myths (stories) of your life." i still can't quite get down remembering & recording my dreams, but i know there is powerful work happening while i sleep.

    happy sunday to you too! xoxoxo

  2. Thank you for these words. I wrote about vulnerability today as well... A terrifying gift, I find. Most beautiful.
    With gratitude,