Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Faith is the daring.....

Mary Magdalene anoints the feet of JesusImage by Lawrence OP via Flickr

"Faith is the daring of the soul to go farther than it can see"
- William Newton Clarke -

Holy Week Christian for a long time.....I've seen it before......I know the story's hero, villains, traitors, ardent followers and grievers. I could (and probably do) play each role in the story if depicted on stage; except that of the hero. Why does the story still hold the fascination of a mystery? Why do I still wonder what Jesus did every day and every moment of his life, in particular, those last days of his life? Why, why, why?

I haven't lost my faith, no, it seems sturdier than ever but the quote from Mr. Clarke seems to summarize where my soul feels this day in Holy Week - Holy Tuesday. How about you? Does your soul still dare to question farther than it can see - or does your soul not ask questions anymore? I can't see that far in my future to think I will stop asking questions about this profound and holy mystery in which I choose to believe.
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  1. does my soul dare to question farther than it can see? absolutely! perpetually...consistently...especially since i have no idea what the next moment will hold. it indeed feels daring and so much more life giving than "knowing" and/or ceasing to ask questions.

    is it easy? no way! xoxxo

    "when you die to every moment, then you'll know how to live." words from a song while i was composing this comment :)

  2. Agreed! Is it easy? No way! xoxoxo