Monday, April 06, 2009

A Long Lent

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Yesterday afternoon, Palm Sunday, after a rapid weekend car trip, lots of conversation with new friends, lots of food, too little exercise, and an intense Sunday a.m. in church - at one time crying out, "Hosanna!," and in the next, "Crucify Him!," I reviewed my blogsite and thought - I cannot write another thing about Lent! I'm worn out, I'm spent - what else is there?

At dinner, just my spouse and I, I reflected upon those feelings and had to laugh at myself - let's see, me - alive with knowledge of the resurrection and contemplating it with joy versus Jesus in Gethsemane thinking escape or death, escape or death? ......I think I can talk about Lent and Jesus' and my walk for another few days!!

It does seem to me the season of Lent is a long time to contemplate my journey, my mortal life, my immortality - such serious, concentrated thoughts, study, prayer. Yet, in the scheme of things, as I said, life and my mortal opportunities - the Lenten journey is really a short course - way too short! This week, Holy Week, is the cram course for the final - the plan to more closely study and inwardly digest what Jesus brought into my life with his life, his love, his teachings, his mission.

My "final" studies begin this evening at church on Holy Monday. I pray that I will remember that the time in the garden for Jesus must have felt like a lifetime, not just a night of prayer. His wrestling with God's plan, even being God, must have been serious to the point of deserting. Why, why, does this have to be done?

I'm still working through the solution that Jesus' followed and believed would save my life and of course, his as well. But Lent in the wilderness, and Holy Week for Jesus - it must have been a time too short, too short to make the decision of one's life.

I have plans to continue this journey, to explore Holy Week, to rest in it, to be a part of the final journey to resurrection - how about you?

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  1. I, too, have come to the last week and ask "How many more words do I need?" I am ready to be finished with the Lenten journey.

    And yet, I am excited for these Holy days. What will be integrated and resurrected on Easter?

    It seems long and yet not long enough. But I am ready for a resurrection Sunday.

  2. words from my morning journal:

    "the life & death & rebirth cycle - in Holy Week it all happens so quickly (just like in real life). Palm Sunday, the ultimate expression of life and Friday Christ will be Sunday resurrected."

    is Lent and Holy Week just dress rehearsal for the rest of life?

  3. Hi Lisa, Yes the words on your site seemed so integral to the passing of Lent and the immersion in it. Thank you for those words. And, yes, I again I am eager for a reminder of the Resurrection that we celebrate tis coming Sunday.

    Lucy - you've captured the words well regarding the "dress rehearsal" for the rest of life. We should perform as though our lives depended on it.

    Thanks to both of you for your thoughtful responses - they mean a lot to me!